like a child.

When I was a little girl I thought I could be anyone I wanted to be, do anything I wanted to do , work anywhere, reach any goal, make any dream a reality. The sky was the limit.

Somehow, something happened along the way...I learnt how to be afraid, how to back down. I quickly realised that confidence is something that you can lose as quickly as you find it; I found out that not everyone wants me to succeed in life.

Last week, I was outside watching my little sister Mackenzie ( who's all of 3 years old now ) playing with our dad. She was jumping into his arms and pretending that she could fly. Shani look at me! Look at me Shani, Im flying! She thought she could fly and there's nothing I could say or do to convince her otherwise. She wasn't scared or anxious, because she knew without a doubt that her dad would catch her every time.

In the Word, it says we should have a child-like faith so, what is it that's so beautiful about such faith? It simply believes God! It doesn't try to reason or bring down to our human level of understanding. Kids don't try to wrap their head around things , evaluate or second guess them, they just believe without reservation. I love that!

It got me thinking of what I thought I could do before someone told me otherwise...before my humanity stepped in and told me I couldn't and before my circumstances reminded me of all the reasons why not .

So, I've decided to go on a journey back to the place of complete trust, to keep a sense of wonder and awe and return to the time when I wasn't second guessing. Unwavering faith...

Feel free to join me...


Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Alright, I'll join you. I guess the first thing for me to get over is how scared I am in joining you on the journey to complete trust and childlike faith...