everyone does it. why do we deny it.
(firstly, Apologies to those who get upset about my comparison)

As we all know, most dating relationships and even friendships go through a series of stages of comfortability. With the boys. there’s the stage in which you will let your boyfriend see you wearing a singlst, when you let him see you without make-up and unbrushed hair, when you let him kiss you before you’ve brushed your teeth, etc.

Well today, I got a phone call from a very dear, quiet, conservative” girlfriend of mine.(actually come to think of it, her and I are sooo different) Anyhoo, I picked up the phone and without a hello, how are you?”. She blurts out I did it”! Im on the other end, thinking uh- oh girly, what have you done….. Thankfully. I was wrong!

Perhaps one of the ultimate relationship benchmarks is the ‘Smelly Bathroom’ stage. Prior to this stage, Most women (sorry ladies but i cant speak for the men) will do whatever it takes to fool your other half into thinking that you simply DO NOT produce a Number 2. You will go across the street, find a bathroom in another part of the building, house, or apartment, or if you don’t have that option, you’ll turn on the bathroom fan, open the window and run some water . Or for those of us who are really ashamed, we’ll hold it in…even knowing the discomfort this brings.

But eventually there comes a point in which you get over it, and you just go for it. Sometimes this happens after you’ve got it all planned out, other times you are so desperate that you have no choice and well- When nature calls, the only option you have is to answer.

But whatever the situation, you reach a point at which you are no longer ashamed in the way you used to be. You’ve quit living in denial and have now owned up to the reality that you do in fact do number two’s, and amazingly your boyfriend and friends still find you appealing, so you have a new level of connectedness and acceptance that you didn’t have before.

What makes me laugh about this whole process is the shame and embarrassment that we associate with this bodily function, even though EVERYBODY does it. Why is it that we feel the need to pretend that we are the only human being in the history of time that doesn’t have to do this? I bet there are some people reading this squirming lol but reality is, everyone poops however you look at it.

I hope nobody has left yet, grossed out, coz im going somewhere with this lol

Well I got to thinking about this, and I had somewhat of a revelation–we engage in the same game of pretending and denying when it comes to sin. Just like the certainty of an occasional number 2, everybody sins. With the exception of Christ, there has never been a single person on earth who has lived a sinless life. Yet we carry on in life, acting as if we don’t sin, and being ashamed and embarrassed that someone might find out. In the same way that we’ll run across the street to find a public loo, we’ll go to extreme measures to hide the sin in our lives, even from the people with whom we are closest.

And this secrecy keeps us in the dark. We are constantly trying to position our lives in such a way that will hide the unattractive parts. But that is no way to live, and it only contributes to a much larger trend in which ALL people think they’re the only ones.

So we need to start being honest and facing up about the fact that everyone sins. Once we create a community in which we can be open about our sin, we might just experience an effect that is similar to the smelly bathroom” stage of a dating relationship–Yep it’s gross and embarassing, but you are still loved and accepted anyway. That’s a good place too be :D

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Sara Reckling

Shani~ What a great comparison actually. We do try to hide our sins so extremely at times. Yet as Christians we all know that there are dirty little secrets in our lives that need to be let out in the open. I don't believe in 'confession' in the same way that Catholics do (and that's ok, neither or us are less Christian because of it), but I do think it's important to do so at times. If you have a sin that you are repeatedly getting trapped in. . . confess for all (or at least a few close friends) to hear and then ask for support. You'll be surprised how much support you'll get, not only from God, but from your friends.

My pastor a few weeks ago said "Call Sin a Sin!!" because if we don't then it gets easier and easier to do them and hide them.

God Bless!

K Reynolds+

Oh Shani,

I do get what you are saying. I call it pretending that we are not human. Last Sunday my pastor called it pride. That's what it is, you know and pride was the down fall of lucifer as well as Adam and Eve... trying to be someone they are not!

I think it is important for us to ask God to "introduce" us to people whom we can be real with. People who can see all of our shortcomings and love us anyway as they stretch out their hands to us to help us reach our hands out to God.

As Sara said, you certainly cannot do this with everyone but I am learning more and more that God will place true brother and/or sister-friends in our lives to do life with us as we do life with God together. We just need to ask...


K :princess:


Darlin.. I so love the way you put things. And you are spot on in what you say. If we confess our sins he is just and he will forgive our sins!

And when we are honest with each other about our struggle with sin, then we can help, strengthen and pray for each other.. Remember if its kept in the dark satan is happy because we are not calling out to our God for help..
yeah,, i do love how you phrased this. even though I was squirming.. :heart: .b.

Linda Young

Woooooh. Grace trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard

First CW's possum blog and now this. My sides hurt I've laughed so much today.

Right here next to my comment window is the little box with your bio in it that says Shani is pronounced SHAR-NEE. I think people in Boston do that, add an "R" where it doesn't belong. An attorney I knew used to say "lore office" instead of "law office"

Although true deep Southerners leave out "R" . . . as in, "Come on in he-ah and sit down in the chai-ah."

Love this blog and I really admire your sense of humor to come up with this analogy for us.

Very true, very real.

Just tell me what it means if i'm wearing a singlst? What is that?


Elizabeth Fox

Great analogy shani! With one crucial difference... There IS something shameful about sinning and there ISN'T something shameful about pooping. But, we do have to call it what it is and address it, just like you have to answer natures call. Lol, and, I would say that the nature of sin really is just like poopy... Lol.

Rhonda Jones

great blog... great imagery.. and it's too funny...


savedbyegraceJust tell me what it means if i'm wearing a singlst? What is that?Gracie

hahaha. it should say singlet lol.
but as esther and i discovered. u american folk call it a cami.
my bad.

Esther Teuka

heheheehe Well done Princess
but you know what i will never look at Loo breaks the same again... lol..hehehe

Keep up the bloggin Girl


Benjamin Foulks

lol. Shani, you're so cool. I love illustrations that make a spiritual point... .but I never would have thought of that one!

I know alot of people and like alot of people and am liked by alot of people. But my number of friends is very small. They are the 'true' friends who accept me even when they see my faults and weaknesses. This doesn't mean (and this is one of those stupid guy things) I'm going to go 'burping' my faults or weaknesses all over the place in the name of 'being myself'. With Christ I am working on overcoming and need my friends to help. But I confess that I have been fearful of sharing weaknesses here at CB for people to pray for in the false worry that others might see me as some sort of ungodly man and discredit any encouraging blog I might write. Now that's stupid! Thank you, my friend, for reminding me just how stupid that is.

In Him,


Alison Stewart

Dear Shani

I so love the truth of your blogs and this one is a gem.:clap::clap::clap:



Oke Sunday

Great post, your comparisons where right and accurate.I think we share in the same light cos i've always taught and wonder why people act like number 2 is the sin and the sin is number 2.They pretend like number 2 is very wrong and shameful and sin is a natural occurence.I think we rather be ourselves, sin if you have to so people can notice and offer you help than doing it in private where nobody can tell and think u're okay.
God bless u and please keep it up!


Only you, shani, could come up with an analogy like this!

Bold as a lion, harmless as a dove, that's our Shanie!

Squirming but blest nonetheless :heart:

Joel Fieri

Great post! I'm new here, but I'm going to check out your other blogs, Shani. And BTW, I've been married almost two years now, and my wife STILL successfully manages to hide almost all of her unpleasant bodily functions. I honestly don't know how she does it. Me, being a man... I managed to hide my unpleasant sounds and smells for about a day before I said, 'y'know what? Sorry, but I just plain stink, so here it is, you married it'.
As for the sin analogy, I like it, but tend to agree with whobelieve that a distinction is made between shameful sin and un-shameful poopies. Maybe confessing our sins is analogous to pooping. It should be something all Christians naturally do to purge themselves of toxic sins.

Art Schnatterly

shani, I loved this... . great blog, great lesson.

I laughed as I read this on on its own merit, but also because of a story with my eldest granddaughter. She called me one day, all excited!

"Grandpa, I pooped in the big girl potty... just like a movie star!" I laughed so hard as I envisioned this bare bottomed lil girl, legs dangling, sitting there with a mag rag in her lap and sunglasses on.

And before this, I never realized movie stars actually did this!


Alive in The Word :reading:

Ruth Papalii

Year awesome blog Shani.

The funny thing is they can hide there sin from humans.

But they can never hide it from God, (God sees everything) even the embarrashments.

And they are only fooling themselves thinking no,one else sees their dirt. But the most funny

thing is they think they have hidden their dirt from humans but they have not

because they still get gossiped about somewhere down the line, and other people do eventually see them and their faults.

Hope this make sense. love your sister in Christ.