One princesses Journey, to find her sister.
Ok, so most of you guys know I have a epically large family, or if u didn’t, now you do. I have Mackenzie-1, Jorja-5, Jodie-9, Shani-18, Zeke-20, Nick-22, Luke-23 and Shakira-27. Now if I read that, id be like whoahh! But I also come from a split family, so only Zeke, Luke and myself have the same parents as each other. My parents divorced when I was knee high too a grass hopper. Now this is where it gets confusing. Before my dad met my mum, he was with another lady and she fell pregnant, anyway for whatever reason they stopped seeing each other totally.( this is where Shakira comes in). Then dad married mum, and Luke, Zeke and I came about. They then divorced, and my dad remarried a lady, and they had 2 kids, Jorja and Mackenzie. Mum remarried a man, who already had a son( Nick) and then they together had a child (Jodie). Ok, u guys with me?

now you have that bit of info, remember I said, with dad and his first fling, she fell pregnant and the communication stopped.. well what I wanna share is my story on how I found my big sister.

So, growing up, I Always knew I had a big sister. We had her baby book in our book shelf which is how I found out. As a youngen, I would ask dad where she was and if we could go see her, and he used too tell me lies or tell me not too talk about her. So, I grew up just knowing that she was there, and that I could never speak too her. Now, as a little girl for some reason, I wanted my big sister. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I wanted a sister who I could play dolls with, who could do my makeup, who could play with my hair, for I knew well and good, my two brothers were NEVER gonna do them stuff with me! They never left me out of playing as such, unless they thought id get hurt and tell mum lol, but we never did them ‘sister’ things, we played football in mud(hockey and cricket were banned coz my bro’s used to break peoples windows), wrestling or we’d go bike riding or skateboarding, or have rock fights.

So, as I grew up a little more and started going too school, my feelings started too change about the sister thing. Id watch my friends with their sisters and they were forever being nasty too eachother. They held grudges with each other for ages and I remember thinking, whoah! Is that what its really like! My brothers just used too biff it out and get on with life. In a way I didn’t want a big sister. Grade 3 came and I was 9 when my mum sat me down and said she was pregnant too my step dad. It was funny, I was pretty devo that I wasn’t gonna be the baby anymore, but a little excited to have a sister. My little sister has turned out too be one of my bestest friends. Her and I have been through a fair bit together, but she is beautiful!

Moving forward, I hit my teenage years, and Myspace was a hugeeee thing and all the cool kids had it! Of course I had to get it otherwise I was gonna be a nerd at school! Anyway, months went by and my friendship numbers increased, then my mum ruined my life (or so I thought) by making me move interstate, where I knew not a single soul. Anway, ofcourse, part of the fun with moving, is packing everything up. Us kids hit the bookshelf first knowing full well that we could find the adult joke books and read a few before mum would come out and wrouse us. A few hours went by and few books were left, and u guessed it(or maybe ya didn’t) but shakiras baby book was still sitting there! It was weird, I thought my dad would have taken it when he and my mum went separate ways, but apparently he didn’t. SO, I picked it up, opened the front page, just so I could see her name and a photo then I put it in the box.

The next few weeks, were spent moving therfore I didn’t have any net acesss. It was the longest 3 weeks of my life! But once we had gotten into the new house, I was straight onto the computer too check my myspace. Its amazing how much happens in 3 weeks! Over the 3 weeks, we spent moving, I thought a lot about my big sister. I suppose I was at an age where I wanted too know more about her, I was a big sister by then, and I had realised it wasn’t all nasty business. So, upon catching up on 3 weeks of my friends lives that I had missed, I decided maybe, just maybe my sister would have a myspace account… so, I type her name into the search engine, and low and behold, there she is. Now what do you do when you do find your big sister, who doesn’t even know you exist and you wanna make contact, but not sound like some weirdo? You stalk them for a little while lol.. it just soo happened my little while was closer too 6 months. But id look at her profile nearly everyday. Finally, I got the courage too send her a PM.. it went something like this…

"Hey, this is gonna sound really weird, but I think you’re my sister your mum is this…. Your dad is that….. your name is…….. and you have a brother named…….. Try not too get too freaked out, im sorry, but there was no other way

hahaha I can only just imagine her response too reading it.

3 weeks later, I get a response saying :


the following day, I wake up too this

"Hi, umm sorry.
Yeah you got the right Shakira. OMG do I have a little sister, ive always wanted one! .Ummm if I seem rude i dont mean to be its just a HUGE shock to me like I dont even remember Dad but no-one says a bad word about him because he wasnt a bad guy just they were both REALLY REALLY young.
I would like to see photos if thats ok & you are more than welcome to email me I'm only a normal person umm yeah I'll leave it here 4 now anyway.

lol. So a few more emails were sent between us and I had too tell her, that’s there was 5 that were younger then her! She was and still is soo eager to know more about our dad, my life as was I with her

Anyway,that was nearly 2 years ago now. It turns out, I have the most beautiful kind, caring Big sister! We have spent the past 2 years catching up on 27 years of life! Its truly been wonderful! My big sister, is getting married in july and im gonna be there, I got front row seats! She and I are yet too meet, which is even more exciting. She will be starting a new life, and im gonna be in it! Its quite scary, how much we look alike, But then again, She is my big sister who im ever soo proud of! :D

so, what can you take away from this part of my life… well, sometimes in life we have too step out of our comfort zones if we want too achieve something. Yes I was scared of rejection, Yes I was worried that she wasn’t gonna want to be apart of my life, but if I didn’t have the courage to take that step out, I would never have been blessed in such a might way.
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K Reynolds+

Oh Shani, I think it is wonderful you found your big sister two years ago and that you connected in such a beautiful way. I always wanted a sister. My mom has five sisters, One passed away about 35 years ago but oh! What fun they all have when they get together, even though they are spread out across the country! Of course, this means most of my cousins are very close in age as well. My grandmother had 26 grandchildren so there are a lot of us! My female cousins are the nearest thing I have to sisters but the closest any of them live from me is 200 miles! We still managed to stay amazingly close though.
No sisters though...

Anyway, you are so right about needing to have the courage to step out of our comfort zone. My pastor was just preaching on that this past Sunday. We never know what God has in store for us and we won't know until... we step out.


K :princess:

Esther Teuka

Our Shani im real happy for you
Thank you God for reconnecting this family



Shani every time I hear this story of yours it makes me cry all over again.
I am a big sister but unfortunatly my little sis moved away round about the time you stop hating each other and start to be friends. And I so wanted a big sister as well,and lo and behold God has given me one, now she is not my sister by blood, but we do share the same "Father". :wink: