Real beauty never looked so ugly.
4:30am- She wakes up, look outside, closes the blinds and hopes that somehow work will call and say they don’t need her. (it never happens)

4:35am- After a few minutes of waiting for the call that never came, She finds the smallest bit of energy to get up out of bed, walk 5 metres and get in the shower.

5:00am- Hesitantly She gets out of the shower, gets dried and dressed, Unfogs the mirror in the bathroom, but wishes it would fog itself back up for the sight of her face was too much.She Looks at herself and wonders how a NEW zit could possibly come up that quick and finds a very obvious blemish, that everyone will notice no matter how hard she tries to cover it. After looking at her face for 30 minutes trying to hide all the imperfections with make up, she realises that her face is the least of her worries. She swears she looks bigger then yesterday. What is with that. She fusses over that and whilst doing so, forgets all about her hair, but luckily her hair straightener is all ready. She gets her hair and face soughted, brushes her teeth, grabs her handbag has one more look in the mirror, Still isn’t completely happy but time is ticking. So off she goes for the day

10:00am-She goes on her tea break, and in the tea room, there are magazines full of famous beautiful people. People without a mark on their skin, people that have no lumps or bumps and have NEVER experienced acne. They are wealthy and pretty They have the perfect bodies and people love them. Their partners are exactly the same! She wishes she could be like that, how much easier life would be.

1:00pm- She goes on her lunch break and walks through the city. Everywhere She looks there are people in business suits who are stunning. In every shop there are women who look amazing and very fashionable. Their makeup is done perfectly, their hair looks soft and beautiful. She walks through the mall, all the mannequins in the windows are tiny waisted. She finally finds something she really like and realises they don’t cater her size, Back to the granny shops- She begins to feel even worse about herself.

3:00pm- She finishes work for the day. Heads home, puts her feet up and turns the TV on. She once again, is bombarded with shows showing real beauty. By real beauty I mean for a female, Long legs, even tan, Blue eyes, blonde hair, Small waist. Still, in the comfort of her own home, she finds no peace.

She begins to wonder why she was given short legs, Freckles and birth marks. She begins to wonder why she has all the zits, blackheads.. Why she is bigger then everyone else, why her shoulders are huge, why she has old people hands, why she is single and why she hasn’t the confidence to go a day without makeup. She flicks the Tv Off, and places some hope in the radio. Her hope is fulfilled. She hears :

She realises, God Loves Ugly! She realises she isn’t beautiful like you, she is beautiful like ME!

We are all different: our skin, our hair, our personality.
Despite our differences, we share one main thing in common: we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Regardless of our own insecurities, unless we can learn to allow our true colours to shine, we will never truly be happy and confident with ourselves.
Don’t hold back. God made you. God loves you, and you never know how your "colours" may influence the lives of those around you.
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K Reynolds+

:princess: Shani,

What you have shared is the absolute truth! We ARE all made in the image and likeness of God and if we allow Him, He will transform us into someone more beautiful and amazing than we could have ever imagined and here is the best part... that beauty will NEVER fade nor be destroyed... it will only grow more so throughout eternity!


K :princess:

Alison Stewart

Aah! Shani, my friend!!!

You have done it again. Another awesome, awesome blog that is full of truth and wisdom... ... What's with that anyway? How do you get to be so wise as your age? I have a theory that the little bit of wise that I had was excised at the same time as the tumour :mrgreen:

Luv ya heaps!

Francisco J Zubia

There's nothing more beautiful that the mighty eagle Lord delivering a poor soul from the peril of trouble and damnation... I watched as he, in his mighty soar came to me... and took me out of the mire... ugly me or not... he made no thought... up and away! he said... and the heavens he crossed, opened,... and took me to his abode in the sky...

Blessings. Chow!


Benjamin Foulks

Amen, Shani! God is making something beautiful in each of His children. Besides, I've seen photos of actors and actresses when they don't have their makeup on. Their no different than anyone else... with all the flaws... and also all the emptiness and loneliness all of us have faced at times. Yes, God does see us differently. If He says we're beautiful, which He does... hmmm... me thinks it a good idea that we don't argue with Him about it.

Great blog my little sister,


Eileen Algaze

AMEN! WOW... this blog is awesome and it spoke to me so much. SO many of us have insecurities that we struggle with daily. Just because we are single doesnt mean that there is something wrong with us! We are beautiful in our own way! Amen to that my sister! Really enjoyed reading this!