simple act of love
i was sound asleep, curled up in my bed when i was awoken by my dear friend. she had come to deliver a book she wanted me to read " the father heart of God". she placed the book on my bedside table, pulled my doona back up as it had fallen to the ground, she kissed my forehead and turned my light off and left. Saturday night, i slept like a baby. i cant remember anyone ever coming into my room and doing what my 60 year old friend did for me. my friend probably never thought anything different of it. afterall, she is a mum, a grandma and an aunty. This small act of love, has impacted me and taken my heart to a place its not been in a long time.

im gonna share abit more about my life, that ive kept a secret for many years, out of shame, hurt and guilt. growing up, i was abused sexually and physically by people who i trusted. As a result, i tend to keep people at an arms distance in my life, for fear of being hurt again. i struggle to love people, and accept love. As a child, the only time i can remember ever being comforted was in bed when my brothers would come in and hug me when mum and dad were screaming and fighting. being the baby of the family and the only sister, they would watch over me and protect me.

It is for these reasons that my friends simple act has had such a profound impact on me. yes, i am 20 years of age, well past the age of being 'tucked' into bed but the love and warmth i felt from such a simple act will stay with me for a long time. we as humans, desire to love and be loved. God created us that way. He calls us to love one another the same way he has loved us. i encourage you to do something for someone, go the extra mile, something which you think may be silly, or small may just change someones life in ways you cant imagine. You never know, the person may have been feeling like no one cares of ever cared, wouldnt it be nice to change that...
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Patricia Newton

Childhood traumas do color our lives. With the help of God the Father, God's people God's word and sometimes a church ministry or godly therapists who deal with issues of abuse one can move forward to hope and healing. I will remember your message of doing simple acts of love.

Tan Yeowhwa+

Sister Shani, thanks for sharing honestly about your past childhood. They can be scars in your life and your memories but let the Lord takes over. I was also molested when young but though I thought of the incident, it does not bring fear or pain anymore. The Lord has healed my memories of the incident.:wink:

Today I ask the Lord to heal this sister's memories of incidents that abuse and hurt her deeply. Even the quarrels at home that causes much pain and anguish, Lord heal them, heal her memories for Your are Jehovah Manasseh. Help her forget the pains of this past and release her to the future of Your glory that she will be the child after Your own heart, a vessel greatly and mightily used for the Kingdom of God.

I also ask that Lord You will show Your love of the Father to her, be the Father and Mother she never have. :princess:Thank You for answering this prayer. In Jesus name Amen

The Lord bless you and keep you.:flower::heart::flower::heart:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Billy Beard

This is something that touches a lot of people. Getting it out in the open helps. I know you were and still hurt because of it. But Shani, you were the victim, and have nothing to be ashamed and guilty of. The Lord Jesus Christ can and will heal you, that is what He does, and why He came. May you feel His love and power. In Christ, God Bless.

Alison Stewart

Thank you Lord for the healing power of Love! Thank you God for the woman who ministered to Shani in such a beautiful way. I ask that Shani see clearly the direction you are taking her; the love and the freedom you have for her. Father, I ask that you continue to bring into Shani's life people who can stand with her in every circumstance. I praise you and thank you Lord for the work you have done to enable Shani to share as she has done today. I ask that you protect her in all things as she continues to open up. Guard the tongues of the people that try to offer unsolicited advice and bring to the fore all those who are called to come alongside Shani. Father, I pray that Shani always feels 'tucked in' whether by you or her brothers and sisters in Christ. I am nearly 40 years older than Shani is Lord, and I still know the importance of being 'tucked in' no matter what age. Please Lord, all that Shani has seen and felt from this lady's selfless act, I pray you multiply it to your glory so Shani has all the peace and trust she needs for her future. Thank you Jesus, for my precious, precious friend. Amen,

Shani, my Sweet
Your blog has touched me deeply and I am truly honoured to be your friend.

K Reynolds+

When I was going through cancer treatment, I blogged about the blanket I was given by the ladies of the church where a "Look Good, Feel Better" class was being held. They made them for cancer patients. I had passed by a table of blankets when I went into the church but it was the friend who had gone with me to the class, a friend of mine since I was 14 years old, who walked over, picked up a beautiful blanket and slipped it around me. The women who knitted these told us they prayed over each one as they were doing it, asking God to wrap His blanket around the recipient.
I can tell you that He did

Wrapped in God's blanket... that was what I often thought about as I was going through treatment. God had me wrapped in His blanket. I could see a lot of things going on but it was as if... He was insulating me from much of it. I was wrapped in His blanket and so, my dear, are you!

K :princess:


Hey Darlin,
Well written my love and an excellent lesson for others to go that extra mile.

You are doing good, so very good.
And remember He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it until that day .