The whispers of PTSD
Sept 10 is world suicide prevention day so thought I would do a quick awareness blog about some of my mental health issues and some things which we need to shed some more light on. My psychologist has/is helping me work through PTSD and developmental trauma. This blog isn't spiritual/religous or full of theology but is more of an insight into a dark place. ~~~ These are the things no one tells you about trauma: You become someone who has a before and after. You become someone who has been unmistakably altered. You become fluent in a different kind of language, one that you picked up somewhere you didn't mean to go. It replaces your mother tongue. It falls on deaf ears. The syllables collapse and die in your mouth, a beginning and an ending wrapped in one. You learn that words have a taste, and they taste like shame and regret and guilt and anger. You become a foreigner in your own body. A visitor. On your worst days, a hostage. And, of course, you're always the one paying the ransom. You become someone who believes healing is a word that doesn't apply to you. You become someone who makes 360-degree turns to ensure you're not being followed or that the person behind you hasn't closed the distance between the two of you since the last time you looked back. You become someone who locks every door and checks that they're locked every time you walk by. You become someone who sits with your back against the wall in full view of the exit. You become someone who panics at sudden loud noises or that all to familiar scent. You become someone who worries when to be on guard. (But that's an easy question when the answer is always) You become someone who makes jokes to justify your 'different' behaviours. You become someone who doesn't find that stuff funny anymore. These are the things no one understands about trauma: It is not something you can just move past, but you try anyway. You try to get over and under and around and through. It seems to block your way forward at every turn. But you keep trying because there's no such thing as going back. It is not something that has a reset button. There is no do over. And, worst of all, there's no off switch. It just settles in your chest and threatens to rise in your throat with every breath. It is not something easily defeated. Sometimes you'll feel like you're playing a game where the odds are stacked against you and where the rules were never explained. It is not something that let's you pretend you're all better now. These are the things I've learned about trauma: You can build a new after, one you choose for yourself. You can heal at your own pace, in your own time. You can and hopefully will find people who will help you along the way. You can forgive without forgetting. You can learn to laugh and love and live again. You can make it through the unbearable nights and the muted days. You can move forward even if you don't like what you're carrying with you. You can move forward even if you don't like what you're leaving behind. You can move forward.
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Ah babe,

There are also the shadows of the past that creep up when the sun ought to shine. The startled awakening in the middle of the night. The inward screaming and shaking when the outward is stone still. The inability to show the love,fears,emotions we feel.

You know I know your walk and I am so so so proud of this blog of yours. You are more intelligent than you either think or lead us to believe.

You are braver than you realise
You are more beautiful than you realise
You are stronger than you realise
You are simply wonderful

And I am delighted to know you .


So perfectly that it bears repeatig.

You are braver than you realise
You are more beautiful than you realise
You are stronger than you realise
You are simply wonderful

And I am delighted to know you .

Heaps love

John Knox+

I have never read such an in depth and insightful writing as this on the subject.

Thank you as I echo Bethy's and Beths comments

Les B+


You remain in my prayers as we walk down the road together. As I read through your blog, thought of the complete avoidance of people, places, etc. which must be overcome from past trauma present in almost all of the spectrum of anxiety disorders.

Standing with you and also needing your help and prayers to make it through Just. One. Day. At. A. Time.

May God's peace rest in your heart and thank you for allowing us to share with you,

K Reynolds+

I... well... you know.