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Currently i work in the CBD and due to a lack of car parking spaces, its sometimes easier for me to just catch a bus into work. Today, on my way home, I was sitting next to a woman and it got me thinking...

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. I heard someone say... "Don't judge me till you have walked a day in my shoes" and I by no way mean to judge or stereotype anyone simply by the shoes they wear, however the shoes this chick was wearing got me thinking...

You see I can imagine the day she first got this pair of shoes, brand new, squeaky clean, sparkling white sneakers. I bet she could smell that new shoe smell ahhh there is nothing better than a pair of new shoes. I'm sure she wore them with pride, laced them up and off she went to conquer the world. The next day again laced them up, maybe wipe off a few marks from the day before but still good as new and off she went to conquer the world. But as I sat next to her I could tell a few years had passed since then, maybe more than a few. The once fresh new sneakers now were beyond the point where a wipe could clean them up.

The front toe was spilt, the shape had been lost, they were a permanent shade of grey and that new sneaker smell had sadly been replaced by the smell of a shoe that had walked many footpaths. I just don't think she would lace them up with pride anymore but perhaps more with a sense of disappointment that the circumstances of her life kept her from buying a new pair of sneakers. Maybe her shoes were a constant reminder that her life was a little harder than the guy sitting across from her with his shining white sneakers. Maybe those shoes were telling a story of a life where it was a hard for her family to buy food each week, pay the bills and put petrol in the car. Maybe it was telling a story of a life of poverty and hardship right in my own neighbourhood, my own community, sitting right next to me... Or maybe not. Maybe she just really liked those sneakers. Maybe they were her favorite pair. Maybe she had others at home to wear but chose them with fondness every time.

It got me thinking though... If they were telling the first story, perhaps one of the pairs of shoes that i have piled in my wardrobe (that were quietly telling a different story of a life lived) could be better put to use by this girl?.. just something to think about.
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Tan Yeowhwa+

Sister Shani, your sharing on shoes caught my attention." class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img] Because I like shoes. In my younger days, I had many pairs, more than I could wear. Some of them were not even wore and I had to give them away for fear of waste.

When I looked back at the types of shoes I had bought over the years, I noticed that they changed according to my lifestyles and my needs. I wore high heel when young," class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img] but now I wear practical shoes like walking shoes.

It shows that when we have tested the world ,we have found some of them, whilst fashionable , they were not suitable and good to the body. Only in my later stage life and having testing the whims and fancy of the world, I found what is practicable and good for me, that is the Lord Himself. He is the best shoes for any occasions, be it for sports or work.

He is the best shoes to wear to every place. He is the best comfort, the best companion, the best helper of my body." class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img]

Thanks for sharing on my favourite accessories and how relevant it is to my stages of my life." class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img]

Blessings always

From " class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img] Hwa " class="blueLink" target="_blank">[/img] Silverpen

K Reynolds+

This blog and the comments made me smile. From 1978-1982 I spend three years at two Christian colleges (one of those years was at a secular university). We had a dress code. Hm... it always seemed that dress code was mainly applied to women but that is the subject for another blog at another time :wink:. Anyway, the dress code involved having to wear skirts or dresses outside of the dorms between the hours of 8-5. Most of us young women would never have dreamed venturing out without "appropriate" shoes meaning... stiletto heels. I would walk all over campus in those things. OUCH!

Like Hwa, I have drifted to more comfortable and practical footwear over the years. In fact, I wore some low-heeled pumps for the first time in over two years to my son's wedding simply because one of my chemo drugs caused some permanent nerve damage to my feet. No more stilettos for me, LOL!


K :princess:


Shani, dont even start on sneakers in my house. Can I get sarah to wear a decent pair HUH, not on your life. Will she inswist on wearing things that make me look like the worst provider, YES!!!

Seriously that girl is going to have to start walking in front of me if she insists on wearing what amounts to rag stitched to leather.

but your blog is wonderful. its good to hear from you here again .

BTW.. sarah's look just like the pair in your pic... now you see why im mortified.