week at conference
There was such a deep sense of the presence of God woven in every aspect of every day throughout the conference. Every song, item, creative element, sermon, combined stream and Masterclass did only one thing and that was to exalt Jesus Christ. We were left with a deep revelation of Gods love, grace, mercy, supremacy and sufficiency which compelled us all to take this Good News to a lost & hurting world.

Who can forget the holy moment when the entire arena dropped to our knees to pray for unity & to repent of disunity. Who can forget Pastor Judah Smith opening the conference with his devine Opera. Who can forget ' Butter Chicken' leading us in worhip warmups. Who can forget the crowd singing 'Jesus Be The Centre' long after Israel Houghton and the band left the stage. Who can forget Chris Caines powerhouse message on becoming less emotional and more missional. Who can forget Phil Dooley asking 'not can we go but will we go?' . Who can forget Scott Samways raising the entire arena to our feet with a passion for evangelism and mission. Who can forget Pastor Bobbie painting the beauty of heaven and awakening us to the urgency of bringing everyone we possibly can home with us. Who can forget Priscilla Shirer reminding us that Jesus will leave a crowd of thousands to be with three who want to be with Him. Who will forget Jentzen Franklin powerfully exhorting us to silence the negative voices in our lives. Who will forget Pastor Brian exhorting us to stay in our grace zone or John Maxwell telling us when it is all said and done it is all about Jesus. Who can forget the sea of 38 000 people from all over this globe, standing together worshipping the same God. who can forget the moment the Holy spirit entered the room, the deeper revelations of Gods love, the friends made... who can forget the conference. i know i wont.

Only eternity will record the impact of what happened last week. The individual lives that were transformed and the churches forever changed. Dreams that were birthed, others salvaged and still others resurrected. Bodies were healed, relationships reconciled and restored and people were set free.

Everyone left loving Jesus and His Church more than when we arrived...

I was almost sad that the conference ended but then I realized it was not ending - it was merely the foundation being laid for what was going to happen at Hillsong Conference in London this week and for the many years to come. I told @kreynolds  i would post a blog about my week at conference.. so here it is. I wanted to leave you with some clips from the week.

just someones footage from the week ( Chris caines message is in this one )

Just some mad dance and worship

Jesus be the centre

Be Blessed lovelies :)
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K Reynolds+

Oh Shani, thank you so much for this taste of the Hillsong conference! I just finished watching the videos and am grateful for the chance to experience it just a bit.

Chris Caine will be at MY church for a women's conference the end of September. I did not know if I'd get to go due to the fact that I may still not be back at work this fall but my church has generously waived the conference fee for me so that I might attend! I cannot wait!

Perhaps someday, Shani... we will go to Hillsong together! :dance:

Blessings and Hugs!

K :princess:

Sandy Brooks

This sounds like it was totally awesome Shani!
Thank you for sharing these clips as this is as close as I will ever get to a Hillsong conference.

nana pooh