what a night.

Hey there lovelies. So, im halfway through a youth conference, I just got home and right now am on a massive high! I had the honour of talking to the young women tonight and it was amazing… no not amazing.. think Bigger Lol.. I dunno what the word is or could be but anyway. BIG thankyou too everyone who prayed for me!

SO, this was my day -. This morning I woke up and was fully freaking out about tonight. I wasn’t sure how it would go, I was nervous to the max, I was thinking someone can do a better job then me. I pretty much didn’t want to do it and I was letting satan steal My worship! Now we all know that we were made too worship, so if that sucker steals it, he also steals our purpose.. but that’s another blog for a rainy day.

What I really wanna share is just a snippit of tonight. Ok, so im up there doing my thing and talking to these young women about not letting our circumstances dictate our future and im starting too share abit of my life story. From the good, to the bad, to the plain ugly. Some of u guys know a bit about who I am, where ive been, what ive done and all that jazz. But these girls had no insight what so ever. So im up there talking away- Sharing my childhood, my early teenage years and some of my personal battles and How God still has a future for me even though He knows what ive done the last 18 years

Oh another vital bit of info, most of the young women are rough kids, growing up in rough families, on the rough side of town. Some of them aren’t at school anymore coz for whatever reason- they dropped out, some of them have nobody and some of them are completely sold out for Jesus!

Hahaha, im on such a high right now Im all over the place . But hopefully your with me still.
deep breath

I get to the end of my speal and im beginning to wrap it all up with some prayer and my pastor is getting ready for an alter call. Anyhoo, much to my amazement, a large portion of the ladies got up and responded. But there was this young girl who sat there by herself texting away on her phone. I began to head to the back of the building, But God was knocking on my heart, so I approached this young girl and introduced myself on a more personal note. She looked up at me and her face was covered in her eyeliner and mascara from her tears. I began talking too her and she told me her story. It went something like this.. She is 16 years old, She was abused as a child, her folks split up, She lost 2 brothers from suicide, later too lose her mum..she ran away from home and got caught up in drugs, booze etc coz she didnt wanna be with her father who abused her. tonight she was gonna be sleeping in a friends car coz she feared going back home.She is no longer in school, She has friends, but no real, stable friendships for her mates are constantly on the run from people and police. She then told me that only reason she came in tonight was because she was cold sitting in an alley waiting for her mate to get home from the pub so she could sleep in the car. Her story broke my heart, but tonight my friends, She surrendered it all too Him! I sat with her for an hr or so and prayed with her, talked too her and showed her that she HAS got a future!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God knows you personally and he had already crafted a plan even before you were born. A plan especially made just for you! Believe that whatever you’re going through right now and whatever road you're travelling, it’s all part of His SOVEREIGN Plan for you.

You maybe going through an awfully sad and trying times but the LORD is telling you today, “Take Heart and Hold on! A Bright prosperous Future awaits you!”

God Bless!