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OK, before I get started. Here is something I made for Ben, AKA Galahad and Eileen AKA ladyvogue. Sorry, Im not singing team. Now, to hear you Eileen lol. Feel free for anyone to watch it.. but its not much. Just to put it out there, it has Nothing to do with my blog what so ever.

So,what is Faith? Imagine a bridge. A bridge sooooo long you cant see the other side. You know the other side exists though. You've heard about it but you can't see it. What would make you cross this bridge? Insecurity? Hope? Achievement? Would you do it because you are hungry for something new? Searching for a positive change in your life? To feel like your worth something? Just because we havent seen the other side, it doesnt mean it does not exist. Faith is believing but its also knowing. I havent seen God but I know He is there just like we know the other side of the bridge is there. I believe I can cross this bridge but this bridge is so long we cant do it alone. We need some one who would never leave our side. Someone who knows me and my road ahead. In my life, this is Jesus and I have faith He is with me on every bridge and through everything!

So, we are on this bridge and we are walking in Faith! We know the Lord is with us and we have this Faith that he will deliver us through ALL! Yes all things and every situation. There can not be things in our lives that we think are too big for Him or situations that are so complicated He would not understand. I'm pretty sure we all have an issue or two where we have just that little bit of doubt in the back of our minds and we stand back and think if He could he really do it? If he could really intervene?

We are still walking on this bridge and by the way, I'm not sure if you know it yet but now we are doubting God! The God that created Heaven and Earth! Who are we to doubt Him? He created us! What is Faith if we only believe in half measures? It's got to be everything. We said earlier that we know the Lord can deliver us through all. Stop walking. A huge situation has come about. Something bigger than we've ever handled or experienced in our lives. Let's walk to the edge and look over side. We can not see anything as we too high up. There is one thing we know and that is God is still with us! What if we heard His voice and it said jump! Jump into His hands and He would keep us safe. Would you do it? Do you trust Him? Now I'm not saying go jumping off bridges! This is just an example. How much Faith would you have at this time? Just remember He knows our lives before they have even happened. Do you trust Him with everything or just a bit? Just something to think about.

Blessings, Shani
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ohh. I just fixed it i think... I dont know.

but thanks PTL, Yeah i guess in my mind i had a vision of a suspended bridge but you are absolutely right!
Be blessed! x

K Reynolds+

Yes Shani, everywhere we go, we can be confident that He is with us... even if we cannot see Him through the wind and waves... He is there.


K :princess:

Anita Sorensen

Hi ya Ms Cutie

It may be for Ben and Eileen... but we got blessed too :) Next time... singing :wink:

Love ya! 2G

Benjamin Foulks

Dearest Shani,

Thank you so much for this reminder of what faith is! I needed that today. :)

I love your voice! :heart: The accent is precious! :dance:



DIVAAAA. what do u mean i 'sound' mature?! i AM mature hahahaha. inserts that fart noise thing :D

Love ya kiddo!

Eileen Algaze

YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL hahahahahaaa!!! I love it!!!! now its time to work on imitating it! lol I suck at imitating accents!!!! LOL I loved the video! your sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Yes I gotta get to doing one too!!!! :D lol!!! :D :D :D :D you just brigtened up my day!! Yessss you did!!!! :D lol... :dance: :dance:

Eileen Algaze

OH and your blog was awesome... Its very scarey being placed in the unknown and not knowing the out come of many things... but God is with you and thats all that matters!!! :D I honestly really needed to read that! Love you! :D

Teresa Carroll

This is so cool! I really wish I could give ya a big hug! Great blog. Faith walking is scary sometimes, especially to those of us who are intimidated by change! March 1 is quickly approaching... hope ya got your faith up for it! love ya girly

Kimberly Wehr

I love your analogy on faith! Do you mind if I use it for a bible study?
And I love your accent. It made me anticipate next summer all the more. I've been working and praying toward joining a missionary friend in Sidney for my internship. I've done some research on your fabulous country and am afraid I've fallen more then a bit in love with it. Which is scary for me because I hate being disappointed and if the money doesn't come in or School doesn't go as planned... arhhh so many worries. Which is shy I enjoyed this post so much. It reminded me to have faith. I can't see the end but I know the Lord has good plans for me.

luv, Kim:dance: