Who's Holding Up Your Hands?
Just finished my workout. R U up?
Have you taken the new medication yet?
Doing this 'no buy it diet' with you is really helping me become aware of the money im wasting.
" Have you read and understood the chapter we read the other day"
Those are just a FEW of the text, Skype and Facebook messages I ve received recently, encouraging me to stick with my goals. Somehow, I have managed to stumble into accountability in just about every area of my life. From my faith to my health to my finance.. my goals are getting a boost from some amazing women.

Grace sends me a text message, Facebook message or both every single day, asking me if I ve worked out and encouraging me to stick with it, give it my best and in general git er done! I told her she s like my own personal Jillian Michaels, which I meant in the nicest way possible.

Christie is the first person I told about my certifiably insane idea to run a half-marathon next year. As a matter of fact, she s doing it with me. And while she doesn t have more pounds than I care to say to lose like I do, she s thrown herself into working out and has even [brace yourself] given up sugar. Every time I confess to slipping in my resolve to make healthy choices, she threatens to drive 12 hours and give me more than a virtual kick in the pants!

Lisa is all business when it comes to health, but she s all heart when it comes to loving her friends. When i told her i wasnt feeling quite right ( mental health wise) and was thinking of seeing a dr, she told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to just do it and do it now. Then she held my hand and prayed for me. Then she reminded me that time was passing and urged me to quit procrastinating and just get it sorted!

Then there is Sarah, She is younger than me, but she has become one of my most favorite and closest friends who inspires me to love the Lord and His people more. And, she does our Bible study homework daily. Like we re supposed to. Instead of all at once a few hours before we meet. (Like somebody I know that s me I m talking about me here.)
It s been a long time since I ve had so many women standing by me and encouraging me to do more, to live more. As a matter of fact, I don t think I ve ever had so much accountability in so many parts of my life at the same time. And, it s no coincidence, I don t know that I ve ever seen such growth in my life at one time, either.

I m reading through the One Year Bible (again), and I love this verse from the Old Testament:

When Moses hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up one on one side, one on the other so that his hands remained steady till sunset. (Exodus 17:12)

I realize that this particular Bible story is about teamwork and leadership, but the way I see it, it s also about friendship and not going it alone. And THAT is what I m thankful to have in my life today.

The women I mentioned and several others including ( @kreynolds , @kiwibird , @bethy , @cowgirldiva  ) are speaking truth into my life, walking beside me in a pursuit of excellence and holding my hands up. And the result is a beautiful picture, if you ll imagine it with me: My amazing friends and me, with our hands raised to God. Together, we re following God and honoring Him with our lives something that s a lot harder to do when you stand alone..
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K Reynolds+

One week before I started chemo, I wrote a blog on this very story which was entitled, "Remember... We're In This Together". I feel about this story the same way you do, Shani. Thank YOU for doing life with me as we both do life with God!


K :princess:


Honey, I accountability partners can be a real pain in the ***, but where would we be without them eh?
You keep going my darlin, the goals are worth it. But a half marathon?? I could take part in one of those as well. I was thinking that I could hand out the water bottles along the route :clap: