You learn new something new every day

Today I met up with a few mates in the city for lunch. I decided that it was easier to just catch a bus because I know that its like impossible to find a carpark right in the city centre. The bus stop is right at my door and it would take me to where I was meeting my mates. Now, its not often I do bus it because I like to have my music blaring and I like singing at the top of my lungs in the car. Its fun : ).

Anyways, I jump on the bus and find a seat and proceed to go through my handbag to find my iPod. I found it and went to turn it on, to discover that the battery was dead. sigh. I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs watching the world go by to the sounds of people in the bus talking, when something caught my attention.

Two high school girls that were sitting behind me having a heavy discussion about different Christians that they knew. This morning I learned a few new things that I didn't know. Did YOU know that ;

  • Christians don't know how to have fun, that's why Youth group is on a Friday night and church is on a Sunday morning. To stop them from going out on the booze on a Friday and Saturday night
  • Christians are weird because they believe in something they cant see, they talk to something they cant hear and some of them raise their hands when they sing and some talk in some tongue.
  • Christians dress funny and they may as well wear a hat that says 'Beat me up'. They cant wear trendy clothes because Gods gonna strike em down if they dare wear clothes that everyone else is wearing.
  • Christians arent cool because they go to christian conferences where they 'sit around and read the bible' instead of going to Music festivals or the motocross or sport.

And the list went on. How I chuckled to myself!

I sat there and listened to this whole conversation about how uncool we are. And it got me thinking. Can I be cool and still be down with JC? Of course I can! There is no rule saying that as a Christian you have to be a hermitt and go live under a rock and isolate yourself from the world. I love music, Christian and secular. I like fashion and trends. I like going to music festivals and sport. I like staying up to date with whats happening in the world.

Being down with Jesus Christ doesn't mean you have to give up your interests in pop culture. It's quite the opposite. The reality is you have to deal with the spiritual and secular world all the time. A Christian is someone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour and lives by the bibles teachings. To be cool is to be aware or show involvement in new trends or styles. A Christian can definitely fit into both categories with no problems at all.

Like these girls, many people have their image of what a Christian is supposed to be and how they are supposed to act. But all individuals are different and yes this includes Christians. In today's society young people have to adapt to a variety of situations. I look at it like this. Christians are called to be chameleons, we are called to blend in, but not sin. I still kick it with all my mates and get up to stuff that doesn't involve church but I try and make my actions show something wayyy different than what they are used to seeing.

There is a misconception that Christians must forfeit being cool in order to serve God, but that is so not even the case. We can all be up to date on the latest trends and fashions, sports, and music and still go to church, read the bible, and praise the Lord and still be COOL people!

Rant over.:D
Ohh hold on. I forgot to say, before I got off the bus, the girls were saying Chuck Norris jokes and talking about him being awesome! Hold Up!! He is a solid Christian. Gosh!

Ive stuck a vid on the bottom showing highlights from a Christian festival that I went to back in September 2009 which was cooler then any other event ive been to and just proves that we can have fun also. Enjoyyy.

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Great blog! It's a fine line we walk, to live in the world, but not OF the world. Personally, I think Christians are the coolest! We can have fun and be cool without having to resort to drinking, drugs, and swearing.

Your blog title reminds me of an old saying that my family and I have adopted:
You learn something new every day . . . or you go to bed stupid :)

Or as I like to say, Wow! I learned something new today! I won't go to bed stupid tonight :)

:heart: Gracie
Teresa Carroll @wordgirl ·

Teen Only? Not hardley... I may be an older fart but I know how to have a good time!!! When I was living "worldly" I was partying, and going out all the time and felt like a dog for the entire day after the fun. I lost a lot of days back then to hangovers and also to memory blackouts due to alcohol. After I was filled with the Holy Spirit, well let me just say that God has gotten me higher than any drug or drink ever did and no hangover, unless you count a joy buzz! Milt said it right, we are FREE in the Lord, I may dress up for church or I can wear jeans (which is a blessing when I'm running late). Man creates bondage in religion, Jesus is the bondage breaker! The media often portrays us as fanatics, and that is sad. Those girls on the bus, let's pray that their eyes will be opened to understand the truth. His love in us draws the unsaved1 If we just love them and let them ask questions, eventually we can lead them to Him, We catch em, He will clean them! I always did like to fish. love ya Shani-girl :flower: Teresa