Your life is an Ocassion. Rise to it.
Do you remember being scared of the dark as a kid? Isn't it funny how an ordinary room can dramatically change as soon as the lights go out? The coat on the door becomes a blood sucking ghost.The creaks of the bed are the voices of the monsters who are going to slurp your soul out of your body through your ears. The little chair in the corner quickly becomes a troll, with one eye bigger than the other, who is going to pluck every single hair out of your body one at a time, You become afraid to put Your hand down the side of your bed in fear of that thing that lurks underneath you're your mattress..ok I think you get the point. When darkness happens things come to life! My imagination would begin to run wild and fear would take control. There's something about the darkness that fills us with fear and becomes overwhelming.

Much like a dark room, we live in a dark world. We turn the TV on and are never bombarded with messages of Hope, or love or anything positive. We turn it on and are quickly smashed with news of horrible things that are going on in the world, Messages that instil a sense of fear into people lives. We can no longer trust anyone because of the ones that do the wrong thing. No one could possibly do a good deed with no strings attached. Sometimes I get the feeling the world hates the light and loves the darkness. But as for me, well I don't.

Around the end of last year, a group of us from church set up a few tables in the city and provided a free lunch for everyone. Sadly, we have a large homelessness issue here, so our crowd was mainly people who live on next to nothing. But still, they are people, just like u and i. We spent the afternoon talking to people, eating, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Shining some light in what I deem, a dark place. Who would have thought something so simple could be so profound. Now, each time I head into the city, I am greeted with hellos and smiles.I have one guy who comes and gives me a hug and still to this day says thanks for the sausage. Whilst it might not have been something huge or made the news or anything like that, it might have just made someone's day and to me that's important. We as Christians need to step up to the plate and bring light to where there is darkness. Where Jesus light shines, darkness has no other option except to flee. If we are going to shine as lights in a dark world we must focus on Jesus. When you focus on Jesus you serve others.

So, at the end of each year, I decide to make the good old new years resolutions.. but I can never stick to them, so this year I decided to make a life resolution. It goes like this.

Im just a normal girl who likes to smile, likes to dance, Jump around. Listen to music and make new friends, Most of all love Jesus with all my heart but I have a lot of compassion for people who are so hurt and looking for Christ. My life resolution is this. I want to help the hurting, I want to cry with them and tell them about Jesus, I want them to be saved, I want them to be able to experience Gods healing and I want to bring it to other people. I want what the enemy had intended to bid for evil to be used instead for the glory of God. I want the fatherless to know they have a father, I have a desire to see people set free. I want the lost to know they are being looked for and found by a God who died for them so long ago, A god who Is living and active. I want be part of the righteous here on the earth, I want to pray Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I want to shine His light in a dark and broken world. I want to stand united with other Christians, I am hungry for God. My life is an occasion, I will rise to it. Will u?

Blessings, Shani
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Anita Sorensen

So young and so full of wisdom. What an awesome combination! You may call yourself a 'normal' girl, but far from normal... in a good way - hehe! Hmmm sounds to me like you want to be more like Jesus. To the lost world that may not be 'normal'. But to your friends in CB, you are about as normal as it is supposed to get!

Take care my lovely (I learned that from you!) and keep your eyes on Him and He will lead your path to fulfill your life resolution. Many blessings! 2G

Alison Stewart

You, my sweet, are a national treasure and you bless me to bits!

(Sorry, the comment is a bit late..some people hauled me into the chatroom )


K Reynolds+

Oh Shani, words escape me!!!!!!!!

:princess: Shani, you already do this to me. Oh how you bless me, not only every time I see you but every time I think of you!


K :princess:

Eileen Algaze

Shani girl... you lovely lady you!!!!!!!!!!! :) Your amazing! thanks for writting this blog... This reminds me of that HIllsong movie I saw... Its impacted the way I see things. Your such a blessing! I will stand united with you! Our life is an occasion! :)

Benjamin Foulks

Shani Jane! Wow! In a world where us old characters shake our heads and wonder what is happening to young people today you definitely make us smile and know that all will be well with the church with people such as you in it! You shine girl!! And we'll shine with you!


Hey darlin,
Do you actually realise how well you write. And how yet again you have shown that you are a very special young woman.
And I am soooo proud.
:heart: mum

John Calvin

Peace be with you Shani, I was wondering if like your past new years resolutions this new life resolution has failed? are you succeeding in your quest? May our Lord Jesus Christ give you the strength to please him always.

Gods Blessings be upon you...