Entering a church

As the white doors of the church swing open a rush of glory rushes by Angels build up the ceiling with sincere colours of blue and white The scent of wood and candles drift around the church As I close the door behind me, I can hear the whispers of prayers to the lord I look ahead and there he is. Our father who changed our world into a place of love and hope Our father who have taught us so much about life and our father who we love so much Sitting down, I say my prayers and think of the lord and heaven Oh, what a wonderful place it is Suddenly a soft gospel melody from the organs start to play The music penetrates through the stained glass windows and into the light. My heart sinks into this peaceful surrounding A warm embrace from the lord approached us A wish to stay here forever. Thank you lord for providing us so much in life. Without you there will be no glory, no hope, no faith. God Bless everyone (: A-men

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