Heaven.. I wonder how its like..

This is a fictional story about a girl with lung cancer in hospital who meets the lord. With a amazing ending showing the true love of our lord. Heaven.. Have you ever wondered where you will fall into if you ever follow the light of the lord? Have you ever wondered what kind of place heaven is? Well.. I have..many times.. in fact. I was in bed weak and lifeless. My dad and mum were oozing on the sofa and my sister on the floor. Beside me I could feel a tube pressing against my upper lip and the montitor of my heart beat ringing in my ears. My eyes were swollen but I managed to open them and stand up straight to look down to the street. People like me, walking into buses running, skipping and smiling. As a lay back in bed I pondered over the fact that I will never be able to be back on the street filling my lungs with fresh air and be able to feel the sun beaming on my skin. I sighed and could feel a salty tear wipe across my face. "Our father in heaven hallowed be your name, your kindom come, your will will be done on earth as it will be done in heaven. Please forgive us for our trespasses and those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the kindom, the power, and the glory forever. Lord, please make sure that those I love will be safe and blessed and thankyou lord forgiving me such a glorious life. Amen" I could feel the pain again ripping my lungs, my vision became blurry and my parents were above me screaming my name... Black. is all I could see, there was nothing there then I walked further and further until I could see a small shimering light. I walked and walked until the light became brighter and larger. There he was, the glory of my life. The god who has always been there for us. The lord. "Welcome home my child" A loving embrace and a welcoming hand lifted me up and our hands touched. A rush of justice and love rushed through my body and it felt like my whole body healed with faith and hope. My surroundings felt warm and comforting. This place embraced by the lord was filled with joy and laughter. Gospel music started penetrating in my ears and I could see angels flying above me and faith, love, hope and forgiveness filling the air. It was magical and wonderful both at the same time and my heart sank into this marvolous environment. This is my home I said to myself. I faced the lord, thankyou lord so much. You are simply amazing. A warm smile stretched across his face. Suddenly I could hear familiar voices. Voises I could hear from behind. I looked back and there was my family. Desperatly crying to bring me back. My family.. A friendly hand was placed on my shoulder. "My child, you miss your family don't you?" I nodded frantically. "Then you have chosen to stay with them. Whatever makes you happy whatever brings glory to this world, I am here for my children." I shuffled towards him and hugged him. "Thankyou lord. Thankyou, you are my saviour and thankyou for bringing your joy to me and my family. God bless everyone." I opened my swallon eyes as I could feel a hand gripping mine. The same room, the same story. You have saved me lord and my family. Thankyou lord so much. You will be my guidance forever and you will be my light in my life. GOD BLESS!

Melisa Edmunds @melisa ·

Thanks for giving an insight to your heart, Sheena.
I think about heaven alot, and I imagine how it is going to be the first time seeing Jesus. Oh how wonderful! Thanks for sharing


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