Why Christianity? Ill tell you why (:

When I was 10, I wasn't really concerned with religion... It seemed like my life was controlled by myself... Then one day, I looked at a picture of the lord and saw how many positive words caming popping out of this picture. I started to feel that this god is our way of life, and is our light in the darkness and started realising that for the past 11 years, it wasn't me, it was the lord our saviour who has pulled me along those tough times I have experienced in my life. With the belief of the lord, my life completely changed. I began reading the holy bible and while reading it, it felt as though the lord had written what life should be; full of faith, hope, forgiveness and love. It gave me spirit in life, it gave me confidence and it just lightened up my whole world. It also opened another world and I am so blessed to be like this now. JESUS IS MY SAVIOUR. He is the true god who has always been there for me and I love him so very much. He is our father in heaven and our glory. God bless you all. And always believe that our lord is our guidance to life and our reason for being.

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