i have never sinned!!!

Made you look ;). Of course this is a false and dangerous statement to make because the bible says if you say you have never sinned you lie. A sin is a sin is a sin. In the world , you don't go to prison for lying to your husband but you can if you shot and kill him. You don't go to prison for having an abortion, but you can if you smother and bind your child and put it in a bag and throw it into the woods, then lie, lie, lie. (well mabe not ) but you get the gest of what I'm saying. The worlds standards are not ours!!! We are held to a higher standard, a much higher law, the law of love!! We are guilty when we tell that lie just as much as we are guilty if we murder or commit adultry. To God, if we know IT, what ever it is , is wrong and do it anyway the bible says it is counted against us as a sin We need to let people know that God and only God can forgive any sin and cleanse us of all ALL unrighteousness Satans great lie is to tell someone seeking God, "your sin is too great" That is a lie straight from hell. An old friend wrote a blog about the lie society tells us that we can do anything if WE just put our minds to it said our children are being told this and it's not true, God has a plan for each of us and that's the plan we should strive for. (pulpit2pew) I say also that I thank God for the most important thing he promised to me, that he loves me and sent a savior so when I sin he sees him and not my sin ... . Thank you Lord... I AM FORGIVEN

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