In but not Of, not a declaration but a battle

When I first read the scripture "you are in the world but not of it" I thought yeap, that's right,a Christian is different than the rest of the world and their ways, a declaration of difference. This is true,but... the spirit has shown me that it is more of a warning to us, a preparation statement that explains; Why we struggle with ideas and practices in this society Why tv programs bother us and can cause strife Why the lack of common sense is lacking in so many people Why we have a problem with Chrislam, a gay female Baptist preacher of 20years,separation of Christianity in our schools and homes, lack of marriage and family strength . Because we are aliens in this world , because of the scales being removed from our eyes just like Paul, we can see just how different we are. The things we once loved , they are unimportant. The things that seemed unimportant now are liked prized possessions to us. We are the minority in a strange land that doesn't understand our language. I know it is a hard thing to live and try to function in a world that is so blind and corrupt and to see so many people being deceived by Satan himself. We cannot just leave or move to a remote isolated island somewhere. But an even bigger struggle that may help us to endure this living in a world that we constantly battle with is the fact that we have a spirit inside of us that is holy living in a body of flesh that is evil. I mean that is close contact. We constantly are at war, the spirit against the flesh, the bible doesn't just speak of these things for the fun of it, it is an important bit of info that we must always remember. So... . when you make a crazy decision and it causes confusion and strife, "I see you Satan" he is the master of disaster and he is reallllllly good at it. So I will share my prayer with you and for you my brothers and sisters; Father, help us to stay strong in this everyday struggle, and yes your grace is sufficient . We need you close, deep inside our hearts and minds. And Satan we can see you trying to make us stumble but you have no control over us, we are the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD!!! That can't be changed, and you may bring heartache to us but know this Satan, it will only drive us closer to our father, just were I want to be!

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