Jesus is gonna kill you and perform open heart surgery on you, come !

That's right , you want Jesus to save you? Guess what?,your gonna die! The person you once were is gonna die, your gonna get a new heart, most of your friends will leave you and your family is gonna think yor a nut. The Devil is coming after you with all he has( that God will allow) , you will have to be willing to give up you spouse, your mother , your father, your children and even yourself. Come on down and join the new family of God. I have never heard a preacher in a church preach anything like that yet. Wonder how many would come by their own hands to that invitation? But, when God calls, and that's really when things happen, not when the preacher says " just ask Jesus to be your savior and for him to forgve you of your sins , well get up brethren your saved!!!!" nope, not how it works. The bible says God calls and you know he can get your attention. All the change in your life is stated in black and white and the most special is in red sometimes. It's no fake, you will die, once the bible says. You will die to sin and get a new heart but first your born anew and given the milk, then the meat. All the while God becomes the very most important thing in your life and you have his spirit and Jesus living in you, using you, protecting you. But... There is a difference in the flesh, which you still have and fight everyday, and the spirit which God helps you to build stronger and stronger until the flesh is pushed down so deep that it is the spiritual thing that matter most, not earthly or fleshly things, my friends there is no better place than this please come join me

Julie Aka Tamar Parks @hispianolady ·

wow... its been a very long time since I heard God's salvation message put so amazingly. I've been saved for 21 years and I still find the Holy Spirit reminding just what it means to be dead to sin and what I said say to, when I said yes to Jesus. I've come to a place in my life that I want more of Jesus and a whole lot less of me. Its writings like these that help bring the heart back to its first love.

You know I do believe that God used your post tonight. I heard His voice while I read this post. Thanks, so much, Tamara aka hispianolady.

Sheri Earwood @sheri ·

Thanks but it is all him! I find if I do a blog without the spirit it isn't all that effective for him but... .
When he is leading and guiding me my spirit can bear witness to your spirit. I feel so unworthy yet I am so thankful he loves us enough to use us. Thanks again


Excellent message Sister Sheri-yes His Word cuts to the heart-like lazer surgery slicing off the Adamic nature piece by piece-as it should. I appreciate any sermon or message or exhortation which convicts and cleanses and are vital for strong Spiritual growth! No superficiality! God Bless you richly! Dave

Sheri Earwood @sheri ·

Thanks Dave, your right this is no longer the milk but 3" prime rib. Very serious stuff
Bless you also

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