Know your enemy

When someone cuts in front of you in traffic and seems just to be living and breathing to cause turmoil in your life, what do you see? When an unsaved friend talks about you behind your back in order to get ahead in popularity with others, what do you see? When the children are running and screeming and won't mind a single thing you tell them, what do you see? When your spouse isn't acting like themselves and can't understand a thing you say... .. When You are in a fog of despair that you just can't shake and you can't pull things together no matter how hard you try... ... I SEE YOU SATAN It has taken me awhile to grasp the concept that it isn't the person that you should be mad at,it's Satan using them. People without the Lord especially but we are not immune either. He will aggravate ,agitate,instigate,and manipulate any one or any situation,some worse than others. I understand this concept and do agree with it but..still not totally surrendered to the fact that the person doesn't have control. He is powerful and crafty, he has had alot of time to practice his skills and he enjoys it. So just a few things the spirit has shown me. When you do something for the Lord, watch out cuz the devil will make things hard, whether it's a nat buzzing in your face or something worse, he s coming just be prepared. Just trying to get this blog done has taken 2 days, he doesn't want me to post it. When your not sure if it's God or Satan giving instructions(Satan tries to act like God), Satan repeats himself over and over. If there is any confusion or strife ; it's Satan. He will take the smallest crack he can find and slip an idea into it, you see he knows he can't have your soul when your saved by grace but if he can discredit you he loves that, a good example, a friend from work was telling me about all the hypocrite Christians and I asked what she meant and she said, "I was driving down the interstate yesterday and this lady was in a hurry and I guess I wasn't going fast enough and she blew her horn as she passed me and flipped me the bird" that's bad I said . She said "the worst part was she had a fish on the back of her car" Now a couple of things here, Satan could have been totally riding that lady that day(although the bird was a little much) or she is totally lost and that's her normal behavior, either way I pray for that person. As the spirit teaches you, things will come clearer as to how the devil tries to attack, he can't stand it when you figure him out: Each lesson makes us smarter and more able to fight with the Lords help of course. Keep exposing him and I thank the Lord for protecting us the way he does, it would be a nightmare to know all the things the Lord keeps off of us.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Yup! And when we see him and do nothing then the problems really arise! There is nothing we get ourselves into that we cannot get out of with God's help but it is far better to ensure our focus is totally on God in the first place!



Excellent message Sister Sheri-there certainly is that battle in the spirit realm-may we continnue to focus on God and keep in His Word and prayer and in faith and deed! Yes-let us keep exposing the liar and continue on in God's Grace and love for him and one another! God Bless you richly and have a Blessed Independence Day! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

The devil works non-stop since he was kicked out and he works to kill, to steal and to destroy. Indeed we must not slacken but make the good fight of faith that can extinguish all the fiery darts of him.

No one should take the devil lightly for he is a schemer and he comes in a lamb's coat.

Thanks for sharing,Sister Sheri

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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