My fathers daughter

As I have gotten older I have seen my father in me , how I speak with authority ,confidence and boldness. Chuck ,my father is retired military who ruled our home with a firm hand God. We traveled all over both here in the states and a 4 year stent in Italy. Mom stayed home and us 3 kids did our jobs in school getting good grades. No exceptions. We were to obey the rules so that we didn't make our father look bad in the eyes of the base commander. When Christ came to dwell within me as a young adult my father didn't understand not only the blind faith but the weakness Christianity projected to the world. He told me ,if God is love then why does he kill children? He has always loved a good argument,especially when he "knows" he is right,in his own eyes. I now am not my fathers daughter anymore. My genetics may have me as such but I have a new heart now and my heavenly father now takes possession of me. He wants me to behave so not to make him look bad, but he knows I'm not perfect and will make mistakes. He has control of my soul, not just my being. So we as Christians did look to our earthly fathers for our personality and looks, but now as sons and daughters of the most high God, we look to him as to how we act and look. I've always told my friends when they didn't understand why I didn't partake in what they wanted me to do "I don't have to please men I only have to please my father... God" So you see I am my Fathers daughter


Thank you Sister Sheri for sharing of the love of our Heavenly Father! Glory! God Bless you richly! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, it's an honour and a joy of the greatest joy to be the child of the Heavenly Father. What a wonderful privilege which all of mankind should have, if only they know about this joy. :thumbs_up:

Thanks for sharing, Sister Sheri

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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