The power of a Touch

When we were but little babes a mothers touch could heal any boo boo, a fathers touch during the most severe trauma can bring a feeling of safety and security. That is when the touch is a touch of love. As teens we girls would get chills when a special boy held our hand. If we didn't like someone we didn't even want them close enough to touch us. Our personal space is an important place. Jesus with his touch could give site to the blind, heal the sick and mend the broken heart. He knew without looking that someone touched him, and that person knew if she could just touch his garment she could be healed. We have the power to comfort and heal with our touch because Christ lives in us. I tell the students I work with, "when you work with a sick patient, look them in the eye when you talk to them and if you find the opportunity to talk and comfort also, touch them! They alot of times are germ-a-phobes. Soap and water baby!!! We as the representatives of Christ should feel deeply about compassion and love. Faith Hope and LOVE, and the greatest is LOVE We a brethren is hurting a touch on the hand says I feel your pain and want to comfort you.

Mary Fanning @wordsofhope ·

I worked in health care for over 30 yrs. As a CNA, Caregiver, Medication Tech and last Administrator at an Assisted Living Facility. I learned from the very begining how important the touch, the comfort, the listening, and praying if the patient so desires. We become like family. It is so very comforting to be caressed on the check or hand, you can feel the love and the compassion. I still try to comfort others with the healing touch of Jesus Christ.

Thank You for sharing Sheri... .God Bless, Wordsofhope...

Sheri Earwood @sheri ·


I also worked in nursing homes prior to nuclear medicine and that is truly a calling from God, to care for the often forgotten and end of their lives. It is something I think God has a special crown in heaven for. And your right even when these people are not in their right minds a smile and a touch speaks in a language everyone understands


I have learned that much of God's love is transferred into people by loving them. To a big extent, when we share God's love, we are instilling God's love into that other person. God's love is transferrable. We can see this in every relationship. It is most important with our relationships with our spouse, then our children, then the rest of the world. When we are sharing God's love with others, we are automatically sharing God's Truth with others. God's love and truth always go hand in hand and cannot be separated. God Love is God's Truth in action.

Thanks so much for your message on a loving touch,


I was in a nursing home for about 2 months in a wheelchair and yes-the elderly really need the comfort of a gentle hand, just to say hi. There is that joy which springs up-the love of the Lord to brighten someone's day! Thank you for sharing this and God Bless you richly, Sheri! Dave

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