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Song of Songs 2:7 [He said] I charge you, O you daughters of Jerusalem, by
Song of Songs 2:7 [He said] I charge you, O you daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or by the hinds of the field [which are free to follow their own instincts] that you not try to stir up or awaken [my] love until it pleases.
What this verse is trying to point out is the fact that it really takes God to love God. Again, it's not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, declares the Lord. Jesus said, ‚‚¬‚Å dwell in Me, and I will dwell in you ‚‚¬‚ live in me and I will live in you‚‚¬ ‚‚¬‚ we love Him because He first loved us; this verse is also prophetic in the sense that the Spirit of the Lord is now ushering us into the bridal generation, which means that it now pleases the Father to give us the key (bridal identity) towards intimacy with the King, His One and Only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ! I do believe that the awakening of this love happened at the resurrection! When the Lord Jesus rose again, He first appeared to Mary (who understood about the Bridegroom revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ) and this account is significantly prophetic within the context of the bridal generation, of which we are now part, that indeed we're now in the most favored season of enjoying intimacy with the Lord as His most treasured, dearly loved, most sought-after, pursued Bride! This love that oozes out of the lovesick heart of the Bridegroom is now intentionally awakened by the Bridegroom Himself. This is how lovesick He is ‚‚¬‚ that He Himself would pursue the bride. Imagine the King of kings and the Lord of lords stooping down to offer the kiss of intimacy to the most unlikely candidate, us! He humbled Himself and became the servant of all, so that He Himself would be the one to die for the love of His one and only bride! That's how special we are to Him! Glory! May we quickly realize this and so be powerfully transformed, from the inside out! God Himself is the one working behind this bridal revelation: and so I personally believe that this move of the Spirit cannot be stopped but will surely intensify like a mighty wave that would be bringing us into greater and greater depths and heights of intimacy and kingly affections. These are the things that our generation has been privileged enough to be chosen to enjoy, for the Bridegroom Himself has now stirred up or awakened this love ‚‚¬‚ both for now and forever more! Glory! Hallelujah! Amen.
Song of Songs 2:8 [Vividly she pictured it] The voice of my beloved [shepherd]! Behold, he comes, leaping upon the mountains, bounding over the hills.
In here, we see the brewing excitement between the Bridegroom and His beloved Bride! The Bridegroom is pictured to be leaping and bounding ‚‚¬‚ such a picture of excitement! It also reveals the fact that all barriers to the love affair have been victoriously conquered and so great is the joy that emanates from the heart of the Bridegroom! His desire to be with the bride is far greater than any kind of obstacle that may come along the way: He simply leapt and bounded over mountains and hills; indeed, love conquers all! No matter what the condition or situation of the bride is, the love of the Bridegroom will never fail to reach her out and touch her ever so intimately. For nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Bridegroom King! We also see here that the Bridegroom has strategically positioned the bride in such a way that He alone has the rightful privilege of access. No other lover is given the same right or privilege. The mountains and hills represent ‚‚¬‚Ë protection' from the onslaught of other lovers so that the bridal generation becomes so intimately attached to the Bridegroom ‚‚¬‚ His voice she will be so familiar with ‚‚¬‚ for her Beloved King-Lover has now purposely and intentionally ‚‚¬‚Ë kept her' from hearing other voices and has prepared and put her into a very special place of intimacy where His voice alone is heard! He is training her in the area of hearing and obeying ‚‚¬‚ so that she may deeply express her love and affection for Him. In this secluded place of intimate knowing and hearing, the bride learns to love her King-Lover with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength! This is what excites the Bridegroom the most! Yes, the bride is learning to hear the voice of the Bridegroom, over and over, again and again. She is kept in a secret place of intimacy where the only lover that can access her is the Bridegroom King Jesus! For He alone offered the perfect sacrifice that won the heart of the bride in sweet redemption! Hallelujah! Again, this verse clearly shows us that the one and only source of the Bridegroom's joyful delight is His most treasured, dearly loved and intimately-pursued Bride! How blessed and favored are we ‚‚¬‚ that we should be made part of the arising bridal generation and so with thankful hearts and grateful lips we declare: ‚‚¬‚Å We love and thank You, Lord, now and forever more! Amen!‚‚¬

Published: Jul 26 2010 02:40:40am

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Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)

Sister Mahal , thanks for sharing on song of Songs again. Let our love for God be awakened and be renewed with lovesickness and with deep passion for the waiting Bridegroom.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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