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Sometime you feel so let down by everyone around you and the world has used
Sometime you feel so let down by everyone around you and the world has used you as the stomping ground. And you can't help but look around you and feel how much more of this you can't take. However much you fight it there are those times that you do feel sorry for yourself. Until you realize how much worse things could have been for you. Life has just begun for me. There should be something good in store for me, something amazingly unbelievable to make the past has been worth every bit. Even it doesn't happen that way I won't be disheartened because things could always be worse. Its god who has saved me so many times in the past, he has saved me from myself and from all situations. Everything happens according to his wish and when he thinks the time is right. So I will try my best not to be disheartened when things don't go my way. Life is about growing up not throwing a tantrum when things get tough. I believe he is my savior it the end of my time. As long as I have Jesus with me nothing else matters. I want to live my life for him and him alone and prayer for the strength to do so.

Published: Sep 05 2010 02:22:41am

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