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Creation vs. Evolution I was a product of the public school system and, as
Creation vs. Evolution

I was a product of the public school system and, as such, I was fed a steady diet of evolution. I was simultaneously raised in the church and learned that according to Genesis, God created all things. Since no mention of creation was made in school and no explicit teaching in my church either established biblical creationism or refuted evolution, I was forced to somehow reconcile these contrary positions on my own. For most of my life that amounted to a kind of tug-of-war where, on the one hand, I was inclined to believe the Bible, but on the other hand, I saw that evolution had the backing of science. Yet it was clear to me that these two views were not, in fact, compatible.

In order to fully accept evolution, I would effectively be concluding that the God of the Bible was a myth. But evolution was unable to provide satisfactory answers to a number of my questions. For one thing, evolution did not have a viable answer to how matter came into existence. The Big Bang, the idea that everything in the universe was the size of a dot on this page and then exploded to "create" everything in the known universe, always struck me as utterly ridiculous. It seemed far more plausible that God was involved in the creation of matter. But I equally could not reject science, for I felt that doing so would be throwing away what I thought to be established fact. That was unthinkable; I would go insane. This gave evolution the upper hand and I lived life accordingly.

Later on, at the age of twenty-nine, that all changed. A friend had loaned me a book called, "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood" by Dr. Walt Brown. In his book, Dr. Brown, who was formerly an evolutionist, compiled evidence commonly used to support evolution and placed it in the context of creation and the flood. Basically, what he established is that the square peg (the evidence) fits the square hole (creation and the flood) far better than it does the round hole (evolution.) I did not have to read very far before I found myself agreeing with him. When I came to the page presenting the duck-billed platypus I knew at once it could not have merely evolved. It is a creature that incorporates features found in mammals, birds, fish, and even reptiles. From which of these could it have evolved!? And if from one, how could it have obtained traits from all the others? At this point, I knew evolution could not ever provide a satisfactory answer for the platypus.

The realization concerning the physical world and its origins had a sudden and profound spiritual impact on my life. Having the door now opened to understand things in creation meant that the door was also now open to the Bible as a whole -- and to Jesus! I then became a born-again believer directly as a result of settling the creation-evolution debate in my mind. My morals and character had an immediate upgrade, and I have had a passion to study and live God's word ever since. Thanks be to God and to that strange little patchwork creature they call the platypus, an obvious "creation" if ever I saw one.


I am launching my blog on the topic of evolution vs. creation largely because it was the gateway to my own salvation. I am convinced that many others are in the same predicament that I was in: rejecting God because of the belief that evolution was "scientific" and therefore true. Just as in my case, many people will not listen to anything said about God, Jesus, the Bible, etc., while in this state of mind. If Christians can get them to see the implausibility of evolution then they may be able to share the Gospel effectively with them. I hope to stress the importance of confronting this issue and to equip others with the knowledge I now have. Just like the Berlin wall, the wall of deception called "evolution" must come down because it is preventing so many people from finding salvation.

"Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;" (Romans 1:19-20)

Dr. Brown's book is now online. Check it out! He poses twenty questions for evolutionists. Use these to reach people with the Gospel. It worked on me.

Blessings in Christ,

Published: Jul 29 2007 06:25:21am

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Virginia Sills (@happytoberestored)

Slooper, Thank you for posting this. When I was in 9th grade biology, I came to terms with the fact that I could not become a scientist because I could not believe evolution. Man, talk about getting laughed at! I was made so much fun of, by so many people. I was supposed to become this great nuclear biologist. I had such academic promise! Now, because of my FAITH, I had thrown it out the window. I could not reconcile my faith with what science told me I was supposed to believe and was supposed to have others believe in my choice of career path. For many years many people have accused me of "wasting my potential" and of "flushing away my talent" on nonsense. Well, leading people to Christ is not nonsense. God's business is the only business that matters. Again, thank you for posting this. YSIC, Virginia

Peggy Skutt (@lifespeaker)

I had wondered, a while back, what I could read that would help me teach my grandkids and their parents (my kids) about the truth of creation but other needs had my attention. BUT GOD has provided the answer and I suspect :-) it's in HIS time...Thanks for sharing.

Matt Rosdail (@slooper)

Thank you for the kind and encouraging responses everyone. HappyToBeRestored - I can definitely see how you would be ostracized for your Christian faith in the field of nuclear biology. There are, I perceive, a number of ethical boundaries you would have to cross. I started off pursuing a physics degree so I am familiar with the mindset. Also, my wife started off in paleontology where, rather than give her educated, scientific answers, her professor publicly repudiated her for questioning some of the logic flaws. The whole class turned and scowled at her. Needless to say, she changed "religions." So I think you made the right choice, too! LifeSpeaker - There is an abundant supply of good literature out there on this subject. In my opinion, Dr. Brown's material is among the best. I also highly recommend Dr. Philip Johnson's book, "Darwinism on Trial." I will give them both a more thorough introduction in a future post, perhaps the next one, so stay tuned. Papillionkiller - I'm old enough where evolution was first presented to me as a theory back in grade school. But beyond that point it was assumed to be fact. And for that reason, I felt too awkward to question it in class. I wonder how many others felt the same way. Thanks again and God bless, Slooper

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

I'm old enough where evolution was first presented to me as a theory back in grade school. But beyond that point it was assumed to be fact. And for that reason, I felt too awkward to question it in class. I wonder how many others felt the same way. I am also old enough to remember when evolution was just a theory. It is sad that the one side demanded to be heard and now that they are the 'fact' they do not what the creationist to speak.

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