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My Child/ My Gift When I watch you now, I'm just amazed at who you ar
My Child/ My Gift

When I watch you now,
I'm just amazed at who you are.
You have grown so much,
and come so far.

Doesn't seem so long ago,
I held such a tiny hand,
Now your hand engulfs mine.
Where once you stood on tippy toes,
in order to deliver a kiss,
Now above My head You stand!

Its at these times,
I fully understand,
just how short time really is,
and I know with a Mother's heart,
it won't be very long,
and my child will be lost to me.
For where once stood a boy,
Now stands a man.

And I can only pray,
that I've taught you well,
of The Lord above,
of,hope,trust,forgiveness and love.

For my child the time has come,
that tears at a Mother's heart,
Time to turn back to the Lord,
that which was His from the start,
Time to trust He'll guide your steps,
each and every day,
Time to let you go,
so that HE can guide your way!

How short time has proved to be,
how precious each and every memory,
From just a wish to reality,
No greater joy in my life,
could the Lord have given me,
Than the gift of you!

When I realised my Son would not be making the move with me,
something inside just felt crushed.
" You mean for now,right, until graduation, then you'll be moving, right?"
I hated myself for the plaintive tone I could hear coming from my throat.
I wanted to get angry, sound firm, strong, convince this 19yr. old child, he still needed his mother! That he was not ready to face the world on his own yet!
HOW could he be when I still had to tell him to take out the garbage and pick up his socks!
That night I cried myself to sleep deep in prayer,
begging for the Lord to make another way possible, to change my son's heart,open his eyes to his youthfulness,to let him see he still needed me to guide him!
And that night I drept.

I am alone walking under a bed of stars,
nothing but bleakness surrounds me,
I am crying out to the Lord,in such sorrowful wails,
pleading for the return of my son.
When from the blackness flashes an angry streak of light,
and as the thunder booms across the sky,
a voice explodes all around me,
He is Mine,
I placed him in your care.
I granted you a privilege ,
in the raising of a man.
Trust in me to guide His hand.

This "empty nest syndrome' really is a test of a Mother's trust in the Lord.
We know we will face the time of letting go, but there never seems to be a right time,
and sometimes we really need Faith of Steel when we lay our heads down at night,
knowing we no longer have our child tucked safely under our protective wing!

Proverbs 23:24
The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice:
and he that begetteth a wise child
shall have joy of him.

Serviving the empty nest!
His Humble Servant,

Published: Feb 04 2008 08:46:55pm

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K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

My husband and I experienced the empty nest (we only had one child) last fall. In some ways it was easier because he was 22 and he only lives 17 miles away from me. However, I was surprised how tough it was.

Ironically, my mind went back to the night I knelt by his crib the night before I was going back to work. I had prayed and asked God to make a way for me to stay home but my husband had just finished up school and the future was uncertain. As I cried, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and gently reminded me that although there was no way I could always be with my son, God could and would be with him 100% of the time. I had no reason to fear the unknown because God knows all and he has already made provision for it.

This is a beautiful blog!

Andrea Lynn (@allforhim)

Beautiful Robin! I am not yet there but it won't be long for Goldie turns 18 in May. She not only is my wonderful daughter but has also become a friend. I am excited at her growth and maturity but also saddened she isn't my little girl any more. Of course, my nest won't be empty when she leaves for I have four to folllow and surprisingly one more on the way, but when she is gone it will leave a great emptiness in our home. No plans yet for her to leave, praise the Lord! My heart goes out to you! Love, Andrea

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Songbird This is a beautiful blog. I can see your mother's heart. We look at our grown children and are pleased with them as adults, but there are times my heart still aches for the times I held them in my arms or watched them play in the backyard. The member of each newborn is firmly planted in my memory. My children are now 31, 32 & 35. God gives us children but only for a time. He must let go and let God have the adults they have become. KraftyKaty drinking tea & watching old home movies of my babies.

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