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Hi Everyone, I just want to introduce myself to you all. I have been enjoying reading blogs, commenting and now I am writing my first blog. Though my bio/testimony may not indicate it, I have been a seeker all of my life, but, consequences from my youth lead me down a very difficult path. It may be hard for some to understand this...but I am not ungrateful for my life, or at all bitter, I am not, for I believe it was necessary for me, and my rewards have been more than enough. I believe I was of such a "hard" nature it took a lot of molding in order to make me into what I am today. So I can look back in gratitude at God having loved me enough to put me on a course that made me cry out to Him in a daily fashion. It gets harder though, when I see my daughter is repeating a pattern that I traveled...and the only thing I can do is watch and pray. I see that my faith has to go to the next level. I'm floundering a bit, at this point...but I have found a lot of encouragement on Christianblog and I think it's what I need right now. You will find me at times, hard to take, I am a little opinionated and at times lack the tact...I am still being molded. I don't offend easily (you can't say anything coming close to what I have lived on a daily basis)...so please correct me when I'm wrong...I'm here to learn, to grow, and to fellowship with Jesus through His Saints.


Welcome aboard Sister Shirly and will be looking foward to fellowship with you! God Bless you richly! Dave

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

startingover, :welcome: to CB. We're delighted to have you join us. When we repent we don't look back. Remember Lot's wife?

You may want to read: [link=http://christianblog.com/ba73 ]It's Complicated (Series): Parenting[/link].

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

Shalom, Art :reading
Alive in The Word

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

:welcome: to CB! May it bless you as it has blessed me!

We are all going to face rough roads at one time or another. Sometimes it is due to circumstances which are beyond our control and sometimes it is due to poor choices that we make. Regardless, when we place our hand in His, God WILL turn our darkness into light (Psalm 18:28)

It is hard, so very hard, to see our children struggle. We want to get in there and "fix" everything and make it better... like we did when they were small. We can't though... but we know the One who can!


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Welcome to CB - may you be blessed with each visit you make.
This is a blog I could have written. Seems we have some "life" in common.


Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

:hi: & welcome. This is a nice site to share & learn & grow. You will find lots of great folks here, from all kinds of backgrounds.
Enjoy! & be blessed,
Shalom, Marjorie

Shirley Calhoun @startingover ·

Its always encouraging when people can identify with you, thanks for all the words of support, I've been in need of them lately. God Bless Shirley

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

:welcome: Most Welcome Sister Shirley. Glad to have you join the blogging world and to share your thoughts and your life.

Thanks for sharing this first blog. Do enjoy your time here. Continue to share and I look forward to your future blogs.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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