My Can of Spinach

I was so taken with Musings conclusions in his blog "A Can of Spinach" that it prompted me to write a similar blog. Musings closing statements are so in line with my own life experiences. When I was married there were times when I saw the strength of the Lord take was when I was at the end of my strength and I knew it...I knew that if one more thing happened at that moment I was going to lose would pray/scream/cry (whatever the case) out to God for help...and miraculously circumstances/feelings would change and a miracle would happen...and I knew that God had come, and had taken over...and I would change from being close to a nervous breakdown into rejoicing, and sadly, in utter shock that He worked it out... I see that as a pretty sad admission for another reason...I never was able to give it all over to God...still can't...just too darn stubborn...however I do know the truth of it that when I am weak than He is strong and I do know it in practice. I learned that God is definitely "My Can of Spinach"...sometimes His strength would suddenly flood through you'd imagine what the feeling was like when Popeye changed into a muscleman. Then I ask you WHY WHY WHY do I still try and do it on my own...I see the truth but still want to do it my way, almost's only when it gets to crisis point that I turn to God for help. Even more sadly, since I haven't had to endure the same level of stress as I did when I was married, I find I am able to handle things pretty much on my own...I know...I'm asking for trouble! I've been an extremely strong person all of my life...when I was a child I was a tom boy and would get into fights with boys in the play ground...but I would never was a matter of pride. When I turned 16 there was a traveling preacher who came to our house...and he came up to me and prophesied over me "you will live a life of pain, but I will store up your tears in a bottle". I think that if I had been naturally weaker I would have had a much much easier life (notice I didn't say happier... because even in the midst of tears I have found my Savior has more than made up for it...particularly because of the Severe Mercy He has shown me...I can only say...I have been forgiven much and I know it, and I marvel at profoundly amazing it is to be able to approach the throne of Grace with boldness.. knowing what a wretched creature I am...such Grace! can pray for me...that I will become weaker and He will become stronger. It would be about time. I am feeling heart sick at hurting my Savior in this way, (but that too will soon pass..oh it is so sad, I sometimes wonder how it is that I dare face Him, but then He Comes and He drives all doubt away). In Christ Shirley


Thank you for sharing this strong testimony Sister Shirley! I too , have them moments of stubborness-ack! You will indeed be prayed for! May we all just put away our selves, and yes-become less and less-agreed! God Bless you richly! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister Shirley, may the love of God melt your heart and soften you to His grace. :heart: Just continue to trust our God with all your heart and He will not fail you, He is the God who loves us and will transformed us into His image.

No one's perfect, just do your best in all circumstances and to me, that suffice. God sees us doing our best and He will be pleased inspite of the result.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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