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The pastor at our church is quite solid in his scriptural basis...but he has been burned pretty badly by church members in the generally he tends to not want to be too confrontational. This morning however, he was expounding on the verse from Jeremiah about "Our hearts are desperately wicked who can know it..." and he did a great job...he also talked about how easily it is to be deceived if we don't stay in the scriptures...and Jesus how warned us over and over in the New Testament about how in the last days many delusions will come...I certainly see that. My pastor emphasized over and over how the only way to protect ourselves from these delusions is by reading the Scripture. I couldn't have agreed more. I know someone...who is very close to me that is really into this Apostles and Prophets movement...and she has given me tapes of the conferences and so one of them they are saying... "you don't need your bibles...throw them away...all you need is the Spirit and Love" he said this a number of times...and then started using all sorts of breathy sounds to depict I guess...Love and the Spirit...I found it all quite disturbing. Jesus said we need to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood, and this of course means the Word of Jesus is the Word...and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" and elsewhere He says He is the Living Water... We need to drink Him so that "fountains of Living Water" are flowing out of's all can they say otherwise? The bible clearly states we need to check everything against scripture... how could they possibly be thinking that we can live without it...unless we want to starve to death! I mean it's clearly disregarding scripture...why would they want to? What's the motive? I mean how can they call themselves Apostles? When they don't use the Word? It just is mind boggling to me how some people in the church don't see this. I am getting more and more concerned about this...I used to think it was relatively harmless...for a long time...I thought well we agree on the essentials...but now...I see them joining all sorts of stuff together...I mean...they no longer can see what is not biblical and what is. It's starting to get scary. I have listened to Brannan Howse a little...there are some things he says that are right on...and others well...he really shouldn't say things he doesn't know much about...and the way he says things can turn me off...I mean I could never tell my close friend to listen to him...he is way to offensive... at least for those who would be offended. There is one book however that he has written that is so's about the "Roots" of the "New Age" movement...and he details different philosophers/psychologists/cults and where they received their ideas I have studied these things in the past...because I/myself was getting rather confused by it all...and I had become familiar with many of these instrumental/influential people before I read it, and so I appreciated to have a book that researches/organizes and makes sense of it all. The book is called "Grave Influence" for those that are interested. I don't know how many of you agree with me... many of you probably don't like Brannnon Howse...I mean, he is hard to listen to..easier to read..but since I do basically agree with him...I shouldn't fear saying what I believe...otherwise...I am not much of a Christian right? Jesus came with a Sword...His Word is His Sword...and it separates...and I guess this may separate me from some of you...however...I feel it must be said...and the Lord will take care of the rest.


It is to bad about your pastor, assuming he is preaching the true word of God. I understand when you say the congregation not letting him preach the truth. People don't want to hear the truth anymore. They want pastors to tickle their ears with what they want to hear. After all, if they don't preach what they want to hear, they will fire him and get one that will teach what they already believe - truth or not.

It is scary times when people will not listen or beable to understand truth anymore, but God isn't suprised, It is all in His plan. The devil has been let loose to deceive the nations, and he is doing just that.

I listen to Brannan Howse sometimes too, but he has a very calvinist backround, which doesn't agree with how I understand God's word. But there are some things that he brings up that are important for our day. The "New Age" movement is one of those issues in our world that seems to be taking over the churches like a storm. In the new age movement, truth or God's word does mean much anymore, so there is no base foundation and people are allowed to believe what ever they want to believe.

The truth of the matter is, if they want to believe lies, then we have to let them believe the lies. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try to correct them, but if they still don't want to believe after being presented the truth, then God wants us to let them be deceived.



I agree with you Sister Shirley! Yes -the Lord's Word is indeed a Sword! Thank you for sharing and our prayers out to the Pastor! God Bless you richly! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister Shirley, I don't know about this Brannan Howse and the contents of his books. But anyone who teaches that the Bible is unimportant for our Christian walk is not someone I want to learn from.

When Jesus was on earth, He taught the Scriptures and He read them faithfully. Instead of seeking men and women who teaches earthly wisdom and even worldly philosphies, seek the wisdom of God through the reading of His profound and living Word. Seek the truth from God Himself, avoid those who will confuse your faith and your mind.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Billy Beard @billyb ·

"not want to be too confrontational". There is a lot of that thought today. In society, and in christendom. 'Love', and what that means, is another one. Most have no idea of what 'love' really is, till they really understand the cross. The sacrifice it requires, and the cost. We are called to bear ours. Many never 'love', truly.

I have learned to be a lot like the first poster stated. Never compromise Gods word, yet after several admonitions, leave it with God Himself. If ever there was one with a 'flint-like' head, I would fit right in. In my 30's and 40's I would not retreat in any fashion, but today personally I have learned better approaches. The battle is Gods, regarding the gospel and Gods word. There are true followers in all churches preaching salvation through Jesus Christ, I believe. And also true liars in them all as well. We don't get sweet water and bitter at the same fountain, or figs off a thornbush. Gotta be in Jesus Christ, those who are, become like Him. That is what the Holy Spirit does. He transforms those in Christ, not anything less.

Concerning scripture, here is where the problems mostly are, some want and accept all the 'promises', and ignore the 'warnings'. The wise accept both. That is the only way to accept the WHOLE of scripture. God Bless.

In Christ


Hi, we really need to know and follow his WORD. WORD=GOD, as it is written in John 1.
I know many pastors speak about worldly things and these will not help us to be
a christian. The problem is the Devil is ruling over this world and only way we can
defeat him is throught his WORD. That means we need to know the true meaning.
For example, to eat his flesh and drink his blood. How is this possible physically ?
Right now, we are in spiritual warfare and we will win only through his WORD.
However, if we don't understand the true meaning, how can we claim that we know ?
I think just reading does not make use understand the true meaning..
Bible is written with many blood of prophets, apostles and with blood of Jesus. It is
a map leading us to God.

Robin Francis @findnrobin ·

Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that God speaks. Right On! We are told by Study( meditate on) the word day and night, and to speak it. How do people miss that? Jesus defeated the devil in the wilderness with the word! God's word is alive, operative, energizing and effective in our lives every time. We fight the good fight of faith with the word. the bible is our instruction manual from God. Lord - I ask you to please remove the scales of deception that are covering the eyes of all those that you have created, because only the truth (your truth) sets us free.

Dave Lee @alphaandomega ·

Bible and his WORD must be integrated into our lives. True love is saving the
souls. Jesus said in his parable you did not visit me in the prison,..Is he talking
about physcial prison ? He meant those who are not a christians are bounded by
satan ( prison ), so it is our duty to bring them out to Christ..Ofcourse, we need
to show love ( physcially ) but more importantly, the spirits since they cannot
die other than thrown into Hell eternally..This is reality. Let's show love physcially
and spiritually..

Dave Lee @alphaandomega ·

Our Almighty GOD will heal us as long as we seek diligently. It is like if I am hurt and if I
don't mention it then there will be no help, we must seek out to GOD to heal us. He is
compassionate GOD. Let's put our focus on Christ and only on Christ then all these
issues will seem very minor. I know that for sure because when I seek his kingdom first
then everything else seems to be meaningless and I know he will carry me, this applies to
all those who love him and obey his commands..

God Bless

Dave Lee @alphaandomega ·

Yes, bless you sister. We as human, tend to repeat things that we should not be repeating
and GOD knows that situation and wants us to be free of it..Let's keep our eyes on Jesus,
he will NEVER let us down because we love him and he loves us. We cannot blindly love GOD
if we don't know him..Book on Hosea said I want knowledge instead of sacrifice. What does
this mean ? He really want us to know him very deeply. I imagine that you know your father
very deeply, that is what he likes, does not like, his characters.. etc. Likewise, same with
GOD, we need to know him very deeply and I believe many including myself knows him
little despite we think we know him well..Let's ask GOD to help us to know him very detail
including his glorious plans and HOW WE CAN CONTRIBUTE to his plans..Like I noted.. once
this is clear, our minds will automatically will be seeking his kingdom and everything else will
naturally be resolved...
God bless you and your family.


I believe that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, and yes, you really do need that Word. Think about how tied we are to our lousy cell phones; if only we were that tied to the Word of God. He is the way, the truth, and the life. You go girl, and if necessary find another church.
He is coming soon, I can feel it in the air.


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