I travel the Highways and byways.

   For nothing more than a hand clap, do you know who this picture represents? Hint: Judges 2:13. Some very bad theology is around because of this gal. We always have to be on our toes and thinking or we may be replacing what we didn't mean too. Okay that was for fun.


 I was about five when I took my first plane ride. I was hooked, this was great, I thought. Little did I know I would spend my life driving or flying. I have been places I didn't want to be, seen things that made my eyes pop and mouth hang open, good and bad. I can say one thing for certain we have some mighty good people in this land I include Canada with that statement. People that care, people that will help, comfort and laugh with you and never ask your name or your affiliations or origins. Then, there is the dark side, I know it well.


The last 25 years I have been driving an 18 wheeler. Things have changed over time some for the better, of course. Sadly we cannot be the road warriors we once were. There are times we can help others on the road like old times, times when we must help. Anymore we are on a clock and the clock doesn't stop and when it does stop we stop. So if one of us stops to help and take an hour or two to make sure everything is okay and safe that is money gone and can't be made up. Also the new rules and highways aren't always safe to stop and be helpful. Times have changed everyone has a phone now and there are plenty of road service facilities to do a better job than some old trucker.


I accepted Christ around 18 or 19 years old in jail with a paperback bible to read. I know the power of the living word of God to save. We can have all our fancy preaching with our fancy lights and music shows we like but only one thing gets to the heart, one thing can change a mind, the Spirit of the word of God. I said that without judging, I like a good song, I'm a late 50's, 60's and early 70's child light shows are great. Some of those fancy preachers know their stuff. Just my walk in the Lord has always been in the trenches while working full time jobs. I haven't had time for fancy haven't taken time for glamour. I know what it is to have to depend on God for whatever I have, where I go, what I do. I haven't always been good at it I'm a tad bit of a rebel, like to take the left fork just because you said to take the right. He knew what he was getting when he got me. We work it out, I suffer from my own mistakes and keep trust and hope in Jesus. My witness is not a prefect one but it is one of the power of God to keep what is his.


During my years I have adjusted a few things to be a better witness. I don't follow church tradition - I do not claim to be of any one church group. This allows me to talk with people that have a lot of anger toward one denomination or another or no thought of religion at all. I don't claim to belong to one politcal party or another. This allows me to talk across the lines. I could care less what your politics are I'm interested in knowing if you have made it an idol, if not, then is you're thinking coherent with scripture if one claims to be a Christian. If not then work to introduce one to Jesus. I don't have a favorite sports team, I like sports so it isn't a problem. I don't care who you are or where you come from, nutshell, do you know Jesus is all I want to know. That's kind of blunt - I do take care to get to know the person, listen to them and understand interest and dreams they have in life. I'm not always good with any of this but it gives me a guide to be a better witness for Christ.


Last, I don't do end times from the paper or news headlines. I don't read books written about end times unless it is a scholarly paper. I don't care if the moon turns blood red or emerald green. You probably get the point by now. What does scripture say, what does it not say. Are we reading it correctly, understanding it from the point of time it was written in. I mean, come on, tell me you understand Temple language in scripture before you say you understand apocalyptic language. Sorry personal pet peeve. I will read the blogs but they may be the few I never comment on. I'll even discuss it if the other party doesn't feel threaten.

Well, that's about it, I'm just a poor trucker with no education.

We walk in Christ together, we are family of the same Spirit.