Old Habits - some good some maybe not so good.

Well the first old habit I share is doing this again. Writing a blog on this site. The good or bad of that is for you to decide.


I have always found it strange how easy it is to have a 'bad' habit and how it seems work to do a 'good' habit. I am one that likes to move on physically and mentally. Once I see what I wanted to or learn what I intended too the brain says okay what next. Some things though I always do - coffee in the morning, keys (and other accessories) in the same place, order tea at a meal. Mundane things of life that keep it moving, comfortable. Some habits have boundaries - having a alcoholic drink is one - these are many and varied. To much to go into. Then there are those we all agree are bad.


Let's talk about the habit that shouldn't be habit. Our walk as a Christian. I am married to a person who does certain things everyday at about the same time. Like read 4 chapters in her Bible every morning before doing anything else. This isn't a habit. Or a duty. This her way of walking in faith, Jesus comes first. I, on the other hand, do not set time aside for bible reading or prayers or worship. My first thought in the morning isn't always about God nor my last thought at night. Yet at the same time there is no time I do not think about the fact I (us, we) represent him in our life. Sometimes I'm not to good at it other times I think I got the hang of it. I do not want God to be a habit I want to live for God.


I let this rest. Share how you feel led too, with scripture or experince.