One early morning a lesson to a young believer.


That is how I felt and thought as a young man in my first days knowing Jesus.


I can not and will not talk of all my early lessons walking with the Holy Spirit as a Teacher and guide in those young days. I did not come here to talk about me but sometimes a testimony of the loving power and sweetness of God's gift is helpful. So, after sometime working for the Lord I rose early one morning to ask the question I always asked. What do we do today?. Nothing. Was the answer. I had a rare day off from my ministry job which on those days I would always go out and about and share one way or another. I never fully took a day off but, on that day, it seemed things were not going to be the same. I remember the words the Holy Spirit said. "Go enjoy the day, have a slow cup coffee, enjoy the sun, take pleasure in the day, be restful."

There is no guilt in taking time for self.


There are two big problems I see today. No (or to little) alone time with oneself or to much alone time. Today I have the latter problem, it is the nature of my job. (I have been well told though I am right were I am suppose to be.) To many, I see and hear, think they are suppose to be doing something all the time. If the calendar isn't full day to day something is wrong, To much guilt is taught about not doing enough or doing to much. Which way to go, which way to turn, when to pray, when to read bible, Family time, witness time, exercise time and on and on. Stop!


God is in control! Not one blade of grass will go astray without Him knowing. No bell will ring without Him hearing. Too many of us have taken control. Have forgotten (or never learned) how to relinquish the reins and let the Lord led. We all in service have this problem at one time or another and without stopping and learning to be restful you will not see it to correct it.

A lot changed that day I was told "nothing" so much so that I wouldn't be sitting here now typing this if it wasn't for that simple "be restful."



Photo by: Indigo Skies Photography from flickr.


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Good blog to rest in Him. Whatever day becomes your Sabbath.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was good - thanks. I need at this very moment to lean into Jesus and rest in his hands as I await my hospital appt.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I remember the day when my world had basically shrunk to the upstairs of my house. I sat at the window and wondered aloud why everyone was wildly dashing about. Exactly why were they in such a hurry and why did they think it was so important. Didn't they know...? No, it came to me that they didn't. I thought how my busy days of grubby little hands reaching out to me and with little people dogging my every step had changed so dramatically. The things I did were important but they were not the most important things. I needed to take time to be in the stillness, the quietness and rest in HIm.

Beth M @blest ·

Nice blog

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