Relaxing don't bother me, please.

It just sits there. Hasn't moved, probably want till I move it. But I haven't. Three days it has been there, maybe three weeks, maybe always, same place, on my desk. I work around it, ignore it, forget about it then remember. Like now.

I have it on my computer. Click, click click, everything I need is open and ready no need for - it. It is on my phone too, everywhere I go it goes.

There is a whole shelf of them on the wall – over there. I have to dust them. I wonder if it on my desk gets lonely. The first one that was really my own is retired. It got old. I still have it, occasionally run my hand over it and remember. Does it remember? I'm just tired I know it's just a thing. But to me, it is important.

Yes, one of my many Bibles.

It has been a hard two weeks and I am talked out, studied out, and written out. First Abel and Cain, then Noah and the flood, ending in a few smaller skirmishes to finally end with Baptism. Plus driving over 5 thousand miles for work to back here – home. I'm feeling my age. My brain is melting from the variances of understandings in scripture by so many.

One nice thing happened on the way home stopping for some dinner. I sat at a booth and in a few minutes a man sat in another booth opposite me. We talked a bit found out we were both christian and shared a booth together. He had an interesting tale. Born and raised in a cult that his grandfather was the leader. Somewhere along the line he knew something wasn't right, ran off seeking truth and came to know and accept Christ. He was a eye opener and blessing to talk too.

I'm not talking theology this weekend nor worrying about aorist tense or the predicate not even a variant. I am going to finish this and do nothing but spend time doing nothing with my wife and what ever child walks through the door, since they all seem to have their own keys. I don't remember making so many keys.


God bless the lot of you.


John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Yep, I very much understand.

Try to get some rest. Oh, and 5k miles of driving for work... ouch!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh, The Road! How I love The Road and yet there are times when I do not want to see what is around that next curve or marvel at the great expanse before me. I simply want to be at home. Today is such a day. It is not a good day for traveling. It is a good day to relax. My husband and I tackled a big project yesterday that we had been putting off for a few years so I can relax guilt-free today. :mrgreen:

Beth M @blest ·

Bless you too, Steve.


Hugs to Rita


Sometimes God wants us to stay calm and just listen to His voice from deep inside us.

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