Two words to think about.

(On my phone, nothing fancy and hopefully few mistakes.)

Listening to a talk from a Professor yesterday he suggested trying something with two words in scripture when we come across them.

NT the word 'work' for 'merit' as in vs. 3:28 "for we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works (merit) of the law.


Next is the word sanctification (discipleship). Mostly because it holds two spots in meaning. One being sanctified in Christ by faith. Then a continuing process of sanctification (discipleship) in our walk with Christ.


I mostly hope, right now, my spelling is right. I also pop this up for thoughts and discussions.

Would/does it help to use these words for some scripture verses? This is a thinking change not an actual word for word change.

Does it help take away some of the confusions of works?  Understanding we can't obtain salvation from merits.

Would it help in those verses that matter to help us understand sanctification is a process of our daily walk as disciples?