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I had gotten up early this morning; completed my new ritual of prayer exerc
I had gotten up early this morning; completed my new ritual of prayer exercise; and sat dpwn at the table on the motel room to add some more thoughts to my journal. As I always pray before begining another journal entry, I had finished the prayer and looked up. I was staring directly into the reflection of myself in a large mirror directly in front of me. My eyes met my eyes and I said, "Good morning God." I said this because I am a creation of God and He resides in me. Yet the reflection allowed me to have a view that was totally new and thought provoking. As I sat there looking into the mirror, I was confined to a small area and the only vision I had was that before me. But it seemed to me that God's vision was behind, up, down, right, and left. Yet there were many things also beyond the frame of the mirror that was also visable to God. I look at the relfection of the unmade bed, and found myself relfecting on things not completed; things not done; and also noticed that if I moved my body, closed one eye, and the truth of of something gone was do to your actions. So it did not exist.
I also noted that when 2 full length mirrors were across from each other. They will repeat a reflection till it seems to go back into the past. As you stand in the middle of the mirror, you will note that the edge will be repeated. So that finally you seem to be looking back into the past. You will note that as this reflection goes backwards, it may be less clear-but is still there. Kind of reminds me of God and eternity.

Published: Feb 17 2012 08:08:47pm

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