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Our church nursery workers are heavy on my heart this week. We have a small church and a very active nursery! Lots of babies and that's a blessing, amen. Sometimes though, there is one or two women who always seem to be in the nursery even when there are others to take their time slots. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes these women use the nursery schedule as an excuse to skip service. Seems to me that they are hiding out in the nursery. Now, I'm not saying all women do that I'm speaking specifically about a few women in my church. I have tried to encourage them to come into the sanctuary and I've even offered to take their spots but sometimes I get this deer in the headlights look from them and it seems as if they truly are panicked that they might have to go into the service! I think maybe the conviction of the Holy Spirit is something they aren't used to feeling so intensely. How do I encourage them to stop hiding out in the nursery and get involved? I'm concerned about them. Thanks for your ideas. -Marilyn

Ginafish Bridges @ginafish ·

Maybe you could encourage them using baby steps. Invite them to a bible study with other women, or a fellowship event that won't need nursery workers. Maybe they have just settled into a routine, and feel disconnected from the other church members?

Marilyn Sorrells @thepastorswife ·

Points well taken. As far as feeling disconnected with other church members I'm not sure that applies here because the nursery has only been up and running for almost a year. Before we came there were no children at the church.

I definately invite them to the women's bible study and encourage them in every way I can.

I completely understand not wanting to leave your children :) However, the ladies I'm speaking about have no children in the nursery.

I will definately continue to encourage them and seek them out a regular basis. Just to check on them and make sure they aren't getting burnt out or continuing to "hide" out. I just have a strong feeling that's what's happening. Usually when Iget a "check" in my spirit and I listen to the Lord, I'm not too off track :)

Thanks for all your words of wisdom.


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