Does God Love Chunky Folks Too?

First let me say that I understand that we are to be Temples for God. I understand the different aspects of the Temple and how that translates to our lives. But my pet peeve is the fact that there are people in my circle of Christian family that are obsessed with weight. They act as if being overweight somehow takes them further from God. That those pounds ( and listen I'm talking maybe 5lbs for some of them) keeps them from being able to access the throne of Christ. The obsession is so intense for this group of people that they tend to look at others who aren't dying on the treadmill like they are as "not as advanced Christians." I find this insulting. Yes, I am out of shape and overweight. I'm not obese (at least I don't think I am) but I am not obsessed with my weight. Yes, at the Ladies meeting I WILL have a piece of chocolate cake and I won't feel guilty over it! I have seen women sit at a fellowship and nibble at carrots and celery all the while being pious and religious about it. I've seen them cast disapproving glances at women (like me) who eat and like it! I've been asked more than once to go on a hike or work out at some women's work out place and I politely decline. Now listen, I'm not blind to the fact that yes, I could shed a few pounds and yes I could use some exercise but I am not obsessed with it and I refuse to be bullied into it! I don't feel that God loves me any less because I don't wear a size 2. I'm cuddly and I"m ok with that!! I'm just not convinced that when God created Adam and Eve that they were supermodel body types. Unless someone can prove that me through Scripture I'll avoid the weight insanity that is going on around me! Just a ramble. _Marilyn

Karen Hoagland @philippiansfourseven ·

Hi Marilyn,
I must say that we have a Christian Weight Loss Group that meets at our church. Nothing funner than being invited to that!
This particular 'plan' they're doing began as a church ministry somewhere and is now bringing in mega bucks!
$79.00 and you can get all the essentials you will need to Glorify God in your weight loss.

That's what gets me about these things...putting a price tag on Glorifying God.

I used to go to OA. Went to a nutritionist and got a meal plan. 75 bucks for the meal plan and the meetings were free!
The biggest complaint I had about the meetings was that you had a whole range of spirituality going on in there. Nothing to keep you from going, like you wouldn't quit working if a non Christian worked at your office.
It's the exact same 'plan' I'd be following if I joined this group. Yet for an additional 20 bucks I can do a study about putting Christ first in my life instead of the food. Which in and of itself is insulting!
Ministry or Money Maker?

That's why these women are so driven! They are told that if they sway from their 1500 calories or however many exchanges that Jesus isn't first in their lives.
It's a guilt trip you pay for!
I still have that $75 meal plan tucked away somewhere. I remember the bulk of it. Maybe I'll get back to it if I feel that's where the Lord is leading me. I can only say that while on the plan, I spend 90% more of my day consumed with food than I did off it. Planning food, buying food, writing out the days plan, preparing my food, preparing everybody else's food, eating the food, preparing the next snack/meal...

I guess I'm probably as insulted as you are about this stuff. I mean no disrespect to the ladies who are earnestly trying to get themselves healthy. I just question the methods!


Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Okay, I must say I am a bit of a "health freak" but I am not obsessed with the weight issue. I can also shed a few extra pounds but my focus is that what I put in my body is healthy. So much that is marketed as food is so far from what the good Lord made and that is where my problem lies. With cancer running rampant and all these autoimmune diseases one has got to wonder what are we are doing to ourselves. We live too busy, stressed out lives that we only have time for something quick and normally our choices for something quick is not nourishing to our bodies at all, but more like death! It all has to do with stewardship of what God has given to us. When you eat the food that the good Lord made, not the counterfeit of satan, it nourishes you, refreshes you and you feel well. Now I love my chocolate cake as much as the next woman (I made some yesterday that we had at church) and I have been known to stop at Burger King in a pinch, but overall I cook from scratch and try to offer healthy foods to my family that build us, grow us and nourish us. Too much we focus on the outside, the superficial when it's what is going on in the inside the matters. satan wants us to focus on the outer but it's the heart that matters to Jesus. Andrea


I [i]CONSTANTLY[/i] struggle with the weight issue. Now mind you, I am 5"7 and 136 pounds, so by no means overweight. HOWEVER, I was 120 when I met my husband so obviously gaining 16 pounds since I got married IS a change.

NOW having said that, the reason I struggle with the weight issue is to NOT struggle with it. I do not want to obsess over a few pounds. I have seen paintings of women in biblical times, they all had bellies and none of them had a muscle to be seen. I feel like when I concentrate so much on my exterior, I am SINNING. Yes, we are supposed to be temples, :yapyap: but anything that you concentrate on more than Christ and pleasing him is a sin.

We had a Christ centered weight loss program at my last church. I felt that it was an appropriate thing for women who were DAMAGING their health. This could be for skinny or fat women. If you are a twig, but never exercise, your heart and lungs are not healthy. I could weigh a hundred and ten pounds but still die of a heart attack if all I did was eat poorly and never exercise.

I believe the verses in the bible about honoring the temple are referring to not dishonoring your body with a prostitute or some other unsavory character,

I honestly believe that if you are consuming your day with thoughts of what you are eating, then you are not right with God. Thats what I struggle with. I want to be RIGHT WITH GOD. NOT a size 2!!!!

Be happy with yourself and let those others worry about their temple. If they approach you again, just let them know, you are fine in your Christian walk, thank you. I know some women who are twice my size but could definitely out run me!!!

Just MHO

Karen Hoagland @philippiansfourseven ·

In my comment where I wrote:[quote]began as a church ministry somewhere[/quote]
It sounds like the ministry started in my did not. Just wanted to clarify.
P4:7 :)

Sherry Withee @shaylea ·

Hi Marilyn,

Your Blog came at a very timely "time" for me as I am wrestling with the decision I have almost made regarding the Christian Weight Loss group at my church which I started 4 weeks ago. I think it must be the same one philippiansfourseven alluded to in her comments to you and I so appreciated her insight because it is down to earth and RIGHT ON! This program did cost me $99 for a starter bag (& various assortments of reading material) and a bible study book. At this point in time I feel like I'm drowning in trying to keep up with the 9 commitments that are supposed to help you draw closer to the Lord. Yes it's geared to help you become healthier and stronger but frankly it's stressing me out as I feel like a failure every week when I don't get all the "duties as assigned" done. I think I have gained 1 lb since I started. And I feel bad because the other 2 women do so much better than I do as far as keeping up.

I do need to lose about 30 lbs and want to do it because I know it will be healthier for me and being a nurse I know what I need to do, it's just the doing it that I have a problem with!!

I can "feel" your comment about some women being pious and religious regarding eating, but not necessarily just church women, I think this is a system wide problem. But in my case I often wonder if this is just my perception or if they even care about what I'm eating. In other words is it myself that thinks I should not be eating this whatever?

I just had my lipid panel done a few weeks ago and for the first time ever in my life I had an abnormal value on anything, it was a very high Triglyceride level which can increase my chance for a stroke. OK, if that is not motivation enough I don't know what it. Now let's see what I do with this motivator! :eek:

By the way I have really enjoyed reading your Blogs and insights. :cool:

Marilyn Sorrells @thepastorswife ·

Great comments! :chef:

I went back and read some old blogs on this subject and found that someone was involved in a program called, "The Lord's Table."

I checked out the website and registered because something in my Spirit told me this was going to be different from the various diets and programs out there.

This is my 4th day and I can say that it is indeed very different! I have been in my Word more in the past 4 days than in the past month. The focus is not on weight, calories or the scale. The focus is on Christ. Sounds simplistic I know but there is something about the way the program has been written and how the mentors really take an interest in you.

I would highly recommend the site and the program to anyone suffering from an eating disorder (and overeating IS a disorder!). There are other programs too that deal with other addictions including smoking.

Check out


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