Honey Bee Chicken

Chicken (I use white meat but I can't type the chicken part because it's censored!) 1 cup of honey 1/2 stick of butter (melted) Italian bread crumbs Mozerella and Cheddar slices ---------------------------------- Season your chicken with salt and pepper. Mix the honey and melted butter together in a bowl. Pour the bread crumbs in another. Dredge the chicken in the honey and butter mixture and then cover the chicken in the breadcrumbs completely. Place in a glass 13x9 pan that is sprayed liberally with cooking spray. Cook 35-40 minutes or until chicken is done. Turn oven off. Place a slice of each cheese on each piece of chicken and place back in oven until cheese melts. Enjoy! I serve this with rice and a veggie. Usually some sort of bread too. It's very tasty.

Marilyn Sorrells @thepastorswife ·

I forgot to add the oven temp. 350 degrees!

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