In Our New Home!

Just an update: We closed on our home last Wednesday! We are now fully moved in. We moved from a small 2-story townhouse into a HUGE house! I realized as I was unpacking and setting up furniture that I don't have enough stuff to take up all the space! My husband and I were marveling at how much space we have last night before going to bed. In 15 yrs of marriage we've never had this much space. It's very daunting to think about what I need to get to fill it all!!!! I have lived my entire life (childhood included) as a "transient renter" basically. We moved ALL the time growing up. I learned to never get attached to things because eventually I would have to leave them behind when we moved in the middle of the night. I took that into adulthood as we moved alot. I would have boxes that I never unpacked, my thinking was "Why unpack when you are just going to pack again later?" Then the Lord started teaching us about setting up roots and settling down. I still had a hall closet full of totes that have not been unpacked. Now we are in our permenant (Lord willing) home and I am still not satisfied that it's mine and I don't have to leave. Perhaps the Lord will bless me with removing this old mindset of moving and it not being for long. I sure would like to feel "all the way" excited about my new house. Prayers would be appreciated! Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing my family above and beyond all that we could think or ask. -Marilyn

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