Starting a New Week!

Ok, so the LORD and I seem to be having an understanding! My husband brought a very powerful message Sunday on "Security of the Believer" and it really spoke to my heart. (I thank GOD daily for my husband!) Everywhere I seem to be looking the LORD is speaking to me. Showing me that He hasn't abandonded me even though I feel alone. So here is what I am going to do: I am going to be faithful to write. Faithful to pray. Faithful to read His Word. Faithful to worship. Those of you who read this please pray for me because my resolve is weak. My strength is sapped and I am just sort of "blah" right now but I feel the Holy Spirit moving me to greater heights of relationship with Christ and into deeper waters of understanding. I want that. I want that more than anything and I want to defeat satan in his attempt to thwart my progress. Pray Saints! M.

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