The Husk of a Church

It's been a while since I've posted. I write this with a heavy heart but with the hopes that someone will have worship of wisdom and hope. The church that my husband shepherd's is a husk. Dried and brittle inside. When we first got to the church it was in disrepair to the point that they had heavy green bars over every single window and door! The spiritual applications of just the visual "sight" of the church were beyond words. It resembled a prison rather than a place of God. Within our first month the LORD changed that! The church moved to remove all the bars and place wonderful siding on the outside. We replaced the old doors with brand new glass doors and voila! the church looked alive from the outside! It was breathtaking to drive up and see the visual difference. We installed a new sign and it really came together. We dealt with the outside issue but the inside is still dry. I believe completely that God sent us into a mission field just a few miles from our home! We aren't in the wilds of Africa or the Pacific Rim but let me tell you something, we are fighting a spiritual battle you can't believe. The church itself is over 100 yrs old. Since it's formation there has been a very powerful Jezebel spirit in that church. The church has been matriarchal for so long that it has jumped every generation up until this one. The new women coming into our church have no interest in working/operating in the Jezebel spirit and the older women (who have been there a long time) are fighting the system. The talk of installing a much needed Deacon body is absolutely causing them to panic. They speak with fresh water out of one side of their mouth and salt water from the other. Their entire focus isn't on experiencing God but on controlling the purse strings of the church and complaining. They put more effort into the montly business meeting than they do singing! Forget reading their Word. Church (to them) isn't about spiritual refueling and worship of the Savior it's about checking off their list for the week, looking pious and watching everyone around them (espeically those who have freedom) with a critical eye. I say this with a sad heart. I WANT them to have freedom in Christ. I want them to stop being so critical and looking for faults. I want them to enjoy what is left of their lives in service to Christ not the enemy. The worst thing is the enemy within the church. Please pray for us. In Christ ALone, Mar

Joey Ploof @jploof ·

You're in my prayers and come sunday you'll be in my church's prayers as well! :)

Karen Hoagland @philippiansfourseven ·

I've been in a church like this. Have even experienced the Jezebel spirit and purse strings. I had the freedom to leave that you don't.
You truly are in a mission field.
I'll be praying for you and husband, I'll check your bio to see about kids and be praying for them as well. I'll also be praying for God to take back control of your church, for His Spirit to reign, for anything that is not from Him to leave your community of believers, for revival.

Your sister in Christ,

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