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I read in this book called, "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn that he believes we'll be able to explore the heavens when Jesus' work on earth is done and all is made new. I have never thought about anything remotely like that regarding heaven. I found that I had a very mundane and bland view of my eternal home. That has to be farther from the truth about God's Home!!! Can you imagine Heaven being anything but spectacular beyond all reasoning? Why do we constantly see Heaven in these narrow rimmed glasses when we should be opening up our eyes and seeing the limitless possiblities of heaven and our lives there. As for me, I fully expect to be a bold, intrepid expolorer of the heavenlies when I get to be with Jesus! -marilyn


People have many varying ideas of what heaven would be like. Some people just think it would be nothing more than a place of rest and respite from all of the problems they currently face in life. Do you know a place in the Bible that talks about what heaven will be like? I would guess Revelations, but i have not read it in a while. Also, I know that it describes the Second Coming; but does it go into details about heaven?

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