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:dance:Well I've been absent a bit these past two weeks. We are in the middle of trying to purchase our very first home and it's been a whirlwind! I never realized just how much goes into buying a home. All the paperwork coupled with the fact that we used my husband's VA loan has caused an avalanche of inspections and things to do before we close on May 11th. I can't begin to explain how excited I am about having my very own home! God definately blesses us well above all that we ask or think. Please pray for us that everything will go smoothly in this harrowing process. We are buying a house that was built in 1953. Beautiful large brick home that is in mint condition. It only had one original owner. They are letting us keep a ton of vintage furniture which is amazing! I am so jazzed about painting walls and doing some upgrades but I will keep it mainly as it is because I love old houses w/a history and character. In Christ Alone, Marilyn

Beth Smith @queenbee ·

Congratulations! That's so awesome! When we bought our first house, I was soooo excited. (Excited when we sold it too. lol. But that was for different reasons). Just remember to breathe-- and try not to stress. :-)

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