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This is the record of God completely changing my life, my methods of teachi
This is the record of God completely changing my life, my methods of teaching, and my whole concept of serving God. God bless, The Teacher.


Many years ago when I first started trying to teach God's word I developed the concept that - if I could learn to teach Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah, and the other prophetic books I would have attained that place in God's service that I wanted to be. I bought several books by well-known authors and began my quest . I soon became acquainted enough with these bible books that I could give a fairly good presentation. In fact, I reasoned that I had gotten pretty good. As folks began to brag on my knowledge and presentation I began to feel downright smug about it.

Then one Sunday night after I had had a great session with nearly 200 people present - it happened. A small boy - maybe 7 years old - came up and tugged at my coat. When I turned and looked down at him he said: "Mr. Tommy, can I ask you a question ? " When I told him okay, he continued. "Mr. Tommy, I heard you say that to be saved a person had to have the blood of Jesus applied to his heart. How do you do that ?

I stood speechless. A literal cold sweat popped out on my body. I was afraid and ashamed. I didn't respond to that question but l bowed my head and tearfully asked God to forgive me and to help me. I could explain most of the prophetic mysteries but how could I possibly explain such an intricate plan of God to the mind of a 7 year old child so he will be able to fully understand the truth ?

God used that small child to give me my greatest revelation: A good teacher is not someone who is able to baffle the minds of even the elders of the church with teachings of prophecy - A good teacher is someone who can take the most simple message in God's word and expound on that. And "Ooh, God," I confessed, " I have a long way to go." I realized that I had wasted 2 years trying to prepare MYSELF for service to God. Then, as suddenly as fear had flooded my heart, I felt peace. I guided the child over to a bench and tried to answer his question.

"Joey, I want you to think about your very closest friend. Let's say that your friend got sick and went to the doctor and found out he has a very rare blood disease. Even worse, the only way he can live is to drain every drop of blood from his body and replace it with new blood. They begin looking at the Red Cross and the hospitals and can't find the rare type of blood your friend has. They search state wide and then nation wide and then they look all over the world and still can't find your friends blood type. In fact, Joey, nobody in the whole wide world had your friend's blood type -- nobody but you, Joey."

Joey looked concerned. "Mr. Tommy, if they took all of my blood that means that means I'd have to die."

"Joey, that is what Jesus did for you and for me. He gave every drop of His life's blood so my blood and your blood could be cleansed from that disease called sin. For that to happen, Joey, you have to believe that Jesus is God's Son and believe He died for you and was buried and that God raised Him from the grave. He is alive today, Joey, and that is why if you will ask Him to forgive you of your sin He will not only do that but he will come into your heart and live with you forever."

"Oooooh ! That's why He did it."

I think I helped that young man. I know he helped me to set my heart on the path that Jesus trod. You see, He liked to keep it simple, too.

God bless, The Teacher

Published: Jan 31 2008 08:26:12pm

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K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

What a wonderful illustration! As a fellow-teacher I know how critical it is for every student to understand. If you cannot do that or are not willing to try to do that, you are not a teacher. It is our responsibility to take students from what is known to them to what is unknown. I love how you laid out the framework and let the child look at it. The child was then able to build upon that framework and come to the conclusion (without you having to tell them) that if you're going to give all of your blood to someone else you would die. The child had an "ah-ha moment" and will never forget it. That's when true learning takes place. It is no longer your knowledge only, rather the student has now taken ownership of it as well.
Now they can apply it to their own lives.

Jesus is the Master Teacher. He is the perfect example of how we ought to teach others. Thank you for sharing this insightful blog!

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