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I never really thought about blogging until recently and by recently I mean about 6 months ago. I really didn't do much research on how it's done or really how people can benefit from blogging. I simply just wanted my voice to be heard. I felt that I could conversate on a mass range of topics that are going on in the world. I never comment chase or try to appease the reader. I'm going to write whatever I feel to write regardless. I do use discretion though because I always want to come off as genuine or authentic and by that I mean meaning what I say. I never want people to mispercieve or misinterpret what I'm trying to say or not to say for that matter. I'm 26 years old and I know I have much to learn but I intend to share my insights on the way. 
I feel sort of limited though. This website was the first on my list of hosted sites to place my blogs purely because I'm a Christian and I like communicating with like-minded people. I considered the other sites (which are not Christian-based) simply because I knew that my perspective would be different on all those topics because of my worldview. I would've been like a voice to the lost. I'm not saying (I have to always clarify! lol) that I was going to be like 'Hey look at me, I'm a Christian, I have all the answers to life!' No. In fact I wasn't going to mention the fact that I was a Christian at all and I could still be the voice of what practical Christianity looks like. In plain, I wanted to reach the outsiders.
The reason I said that I feel limited is because of this website. I remember saying in my very first post that I would keep things fresh and not preach or teach on passages or none of that but just talk sometimes not even mentioning God (like the book of Esther) because I didnt want to be all churchy because I'm a down-to-earth guy. But I've found it so hard to do that because I know that everyone on here are Christians! lol I know that every time I write something Christians are going to be reading it. A Christian writing to Christians. Not a bad thing necessarily but not what I had in mind when I was thinking about starting a blog. You all are so nice too! lol I appreciate the comments and support and advice that you all have given me.
I'm leaning towards starting a different blog on a different site. Not because I think this site is bad. Not by far. But because I want to reach the lost. I want to attempt to shape the perspective of the outsider in hopes of bringing them to Christ. 
I'm keeping this blog though and I tend to keep posting on this site. In fact, the next post will probably be my testimony. I should of been told you all where God has brought me from and where I am now. I'll also write about my experience on the other site. I guess I'm not really going anywhere. Just shifting the focus. We all are saved here. So it's mostly fellowship, reflection, and insights that we, as Christians can relate to and understand. In a sense, this website is like church. A place for Christians to meet and fellowship which is good. But i think what we do outside the church towards outsiders is just as important. We should all be seeking to save the lost. You know, the Great Commission. I'm sure you all make that attempt to reach those outside though. As a first-time blogger, maybe I was a little slow in recognizing that I could use my writing to minister to the lost instead of just using it among other Christians. I want to thank you all though. 

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Over the years, there have been a number of members of this site who blog on multiple sites. That's a good thing!

I do want you to bear somethings in mind though. Although in order to become a member and comment, you must profess to be a Christian, please remember that just because someone claims they are a Christian does not necessarily mean they are. Sometimes they check that box because they believe in God, go to a church, figure they are not Jewish, Muslim, atheist or whatever so therefore they must be Christian as their family has Christian traditions, etc. Sometimes there are people who check the box simply because they are curious or even want to argue.

The other thing you must remember is that while only members can post comments, non-members can and do read blogs and many times they stumble across them not by discovering the website itself but the blog turns up in a search engine result. In other words, never forget that God can use the words you write to reach out and minister to someone anywhere at anytime whether they are members of this website or not.

For example, a few years ago a woman who just happened to be a Christian, came across some blogs I had written while going through cancer treatment. She had found them via a search engine. Her best friend, who was not a Christian, was going through cancer. Now she and others had tried to reach this friend but the person had not been receptive. Well, she printed out my "cancer blogs" and began to read them to her friend who was in the hospital and guess what? The friend became very interested in listening to what "lady who wrote about cancer" had to say about Jesus Christ.

By all means, write. Share whatever God lays upon your heart everywhere you can but do not become discouraged if you do not see "the harvest" nor limit God. Simply go where God tells you to go and do what He tells you to do. If you do that, you can be confident that your words are not written in vain and in due season, there will be a bountiful harvest. You might not see it and someone else might finish the work but does that really matter in the end?

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I follow several blogs, only write on two with any regularity, both Christian and very different.

Give it a go but be ready for anything and everything. It want take others long to know you are a christian. You'll have to learn what to respond too and when to ignore. Study and prayer are your two best friends. Learn not to get drawn into useless debates.
Be concise, clear, short and sweet. (Faults I have since I'm always thinking of two or three more things or connection points.)
And when you need a safe place you always have CB to come home too.

Do not include honorifics.

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