Got to Give it to Lebron

I'm a sports head. I'm into basketball especially. If i had the chance to commentate on any sport, then basketball would be my sport. Now I'm not Stuart Scott (RIP) or Michael Wilbon, but I can hang in there tough when a conversation concerning sports arises. The least sport that I like or that I hate watching is Soccer. Only because it's takes a while for them to score a goal, that's it. The skills and stamina that a soccer player has is worthy of mention and commendation, but to watch a whole game is waaay out of my league. And I can't forget that it's always funny to hear the Commentators in Espanol. GOOOAAAAALL! (No, I'm not racist.) If I turn the TV to a soccer game and catch them scoring then it's like I won!
But anyway, the most anticipated event in sports right now is the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs. I've been watching the NBA playoffs since they've started and I'm surprised at a few outcomes that has happened over the last few days. No one called that the Portland Trailblazers would get swept by New Orleans and I can honestly say that I didnt think that Lebron would get taken to 7 games by Indiana. As I watched that game 7 I knew deep down that Lebron was going to win. Especially at home. He hasn't lost a first round series since he's been in the league (12-0) and he can score at will. No I am not a Lebron fan but I HAVE to respect him because I respect the game. Even though I'm from Ohio, I'm not a Cleveland fan at all. I get a lot of flack for it but whatever. But watching this man drop 40+ points like is was nothing just to make sure he won was something to see. I honestly don't want to see him win a championship (yeah, I'm hatin) but I can't deny his ability to play the game. I remeber when he couldn't even shoot that well and he would pass the ball in clutch times. He's always been a star but he earned my respect for sure seeing where he's been and where he's at now. I got to give it to Lebron. He's in a league of his own. If you were at the Quicken Loans arena for game 7 then you would've known that you were in Lebron's house. You can't mention basketball right now without mentioning him just like Tiger always comes up in the Golf discussion. As long as he's able, Lebron will make sure you won't forget to mention him. I got to give it to him. Whatever it's worth. C'mon Tiger Woods!     

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Just the opposite I like soccer and Don't much care for B-ball. Lebron is one hick of an athlete and that I respect in all sports having played Football. Were I was never any good I did play beside guys that went Pro and that was fun to see. Tiger is looking pretty healthy little more time he may win another or two good to see for the sport.

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