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I like watching movies but I'm also very critical. I mean, I feel that every movie deserves a chance, but more often than not I find myself disappointed, promising myself not watch it again. I like good, thought-provoking movies, I dont mind a comedy, and horror films can be fun as well. I can't stand Madea movies or cheesy action movies where a guy survives a million rounds of ammunition without getting hit fighting back with a bow and arrow and yet somehow wins. Lol Not my style. But like I said I give them one chance to impress.
Lately I've been seeing a lot of movies and TV shows with biblical themes. I like to see if Hollywood gets it right or if it makes up some stuff that doesn't line up with the Bible. Now don't misunderstand me. I don't mind watching movies that sort of mirror a biblical theme without necessary claiming to be biblically inspired like The Matrix or something. But when it come to movies supposedly telling a story from the Bible, I'm not really trying to see it unless it's biblically accurate.
For instance, over the weekend I made the attempt to watch this movie called Exodus: Gods and Kings. Now from a Christian perspective I automatically think that it's a Movie about the story of Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. The only thing that matched up in this movie with the Bible were the names of the characters! That's about it. The story was all messed up, they had God appearing as a child, which isn't in the account, and they had Moses portrayed as if he didn't even accept the fact that he was Hebrew. It was just foul the way they messed up that story.I didn't finish it by the way. I feel that they shouldnt have even named it Exodus if they werent going to match it with the Biblical account. If I was an unbeliever, with the potential to be a believer, and I relied on that movie to give me an account of how Moses led Israel out of Egypt, my perspective would be way out of line. My point is that there should be a clear distinction on what's biblical and what's not. I shouldn't have to worry about a movie named Exodus not lining up with the Bible. I can't stand when Hollywood does that.
I feel the same way towards music as well though. I listen to all kinds of music still to this day. I enjoy the creativity people bring to the table. But when i want to hear a Christian song, I expect to hear Christian content. But that's not the case more often than not. I like Christian rap but I have to be honest, there are some songs that I wouldn't have even known they were Christian if I hadn't heard it on a Christian station. Now of course that doesn't mean that the song is Christian just cause it's on a Christian station, but they try to pass it off that way. I know what I'm getting from Kendrick Lamar, or Drake or Cardi B but it seems as though the Christian rappers sound just like them! Like I said, I can't even tell half the time that it's a Christian song. Where is the distinction? I shouldn't have to listen all that close to tell whether or not this or that person is glorifying the Lord. I shouldn't have to figure out whether or not a song is Christian or not. It should be clear. Christians should be distinct, we shouldn't mirror the world in our ministry in the name of trying to reach a particular audience of people. It can send the wrong message. I'm not saying that we should lose who we are (our personality), or our cultural identity. But don't adapt the world's identity. I'm not a huge fan of him but I like the rapper Lecrae. He has this song called "Blessings" featuring an artist named Ty Dollarsign. Now I know that Lecrae claims to be a Christian artist but in the name of trying to reach the world, he has put a secular singer on his track and in his video. If i look up Ty Dollarsign all his music is secular, his music is provacative, and his music videos are filled with strippers and worldly themes. But i expect that from him. I don't expect him to be on a song with Lecrae though because he doesn't even live a lifestyle of a Christian. The two shouldn't mix. You don't want to send the wrong message to Christians that it's okay to live like Ty Dollarsign and also claim to be a Christian. Wrong message. The two worlds shouldn't collide.
I'm sure everyone won't agree with me but I hope you understand my stance before you disagree. In ministry or anything dealing with God, the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity, it should hold content pertaining to God, the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity. It shouldn't be tampered with to be more appealing (like the movie Exodus) or include non-Christians who lives are contrary to the message of Christ like Ty Dollarsign. We should be able to see Christ all over. There should be a distinction that shouldn't be hard to spot. I'm not telling no one what to watch or what to listen to these are just things I look for. We should be able to recognize the Lord upon hearing (or seeing). His sheep knows his voice. If no one has already, maybe someone should create a website or something that rates Christian entertainment based on Christian standards. Sounds like a decent idea right? You're welcome.

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

I would like to comment on the Christian movies section of the blog. most of the Christian movies I have seen are downright heretical. most seem to smell of universalism which people that have heard of jesus and god but don't really know him absolutely love. even true believers can get swept up if the are not rooted and grounded in truth this why I encourage all to read the word study and as Paul told Timothy " submerse yourself in it"

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have seen a few Biblical movies that get it right but I have gotten to the point that I do a bit of research before going to them because like you, I believe it is not only important, it is critical to get it right. I like to check out exactly who wrote the screen play, who is producing it, who is directing it, etc. I think a Christian feels accuracy is more important than say, for example, someone who does not believe the Bible is the Word of God. There are exceptions to that however. I refused to go to a movie produced by some well-known Christians in the entertainment industry because I felt they took too many liberties to the point that what they were portraying simply was not true. I understand it did rather poorly in the box office as well.

That being said, what about non-Christian actors portraying Christians? I think they certainly can, especially if the director is a Christian. In the movie, "At The End of the Spear", the well-known actor playing the lead character was not a Christian. In fact, his lifestyle was offensive to many Christians. He had heard the story however, loved it and as an actor he really wanted to play the character. The son of the main character had not been aware of the background of this actor and had been completely blown away during the audition. When he became aware of the situation, he grappled with what he should do. I think he did the right thing though many may disagree. He gave him the role based on his performance, not on his lifestyle and the actor did an excellent job. Surrounded by Christians, he would later say, in fact, that he was impressed by how they treated him. He was there to do a job and he did it. He did it well.

As for music, that's a sore spot for me because I think music, in order to be performed well, must come from the heart. I am not saying that Christian vocalists/musicians cannot play or sing secular songs but I do think they need to be careful. The same is true for actors. They can play the role of a non-Christian of course but they must guard their heart and mind carefully. Most people probably don't realize this but if an actor is not careful, the character they play can spill over into their every day life.

I don't believe a Christian has any business singing songs that bring shame to the name of Jesus Christ.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I don't see a lot of movies. I do like a variety of music. I also read a large variety of books.
I also agree with what you say here. I also agree with K.
And, for what ever reason your blog left a smile on me and I'm leaving here with it.
Maybe it was the "you're welcome".

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