The Single Life

There's this feeling of "freedom" that I feel when I'm single. I mean, I'd rather be in a relationship, but being single has it's pros. I can spend time as I please with whoever, talk to whoever, and not have to answer to a significant other or worry about their concerns. How can I enjoy the single life while wanting to be in a relationship? I'd say I'm enjoying this "freedom" along the way until God answers my prayers. Besides, I don't want to be some hopeless romantic sulking in my singleness watching romance dramas and reading how-to books on how to find a wife.
But i have to watch myself though because I sometimes get carried away in that sense of freedom, thinking about not answering to a significant other, while forgetting that I have to answer to God. Im not talking about casual sex or promiscuity (which i refrain myself from and because of that, is probably why I'm single now! Lol) but I tend to get suggestive in my communication at times thinking that because I'm single I can just say whatever. "It aint like I'm trying to have sex with her" is what I tell myself to make myself feel better. But in the end I find myself repenting of my suggestive talk asking for forgiveness and feeling bad. I thank God for giving me the grace and strength to keep things cordial because I wouldnt be able to in my own strength. So my "freedom" that comes from being single can only be experienced within the paramaters of my faith. I can't lead women on and throw in a dirty sentence every now and then and expect Him to bless me with someone. And that's why I'd rather be in a relationship, because it fits so well with my faith. The single life isn't that bad though in comparison until I see my friends getting married,or someone talking to me about about how much love they're in. Lol Then Im like, "Get married already!" or I'll make fun of my guy friends for being all lovestruck because Im jealous. lol. Nevertheless, I'll be enjoying the single life until I meet my wife. Then I'll plague other singles with the How-We-Met story and how much love I'm in and try not to laugh when I see them struggling in their attempt to say "Good for you!"

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

good blog thanks for the post

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Keep your eyes on Jesus pray for a good wife and you will find her

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I remember my prayer for a wife of His choosing years ago, 40 years now. Hang in there, be true and don't get discourage. Enjoy, nothing wrong in being single.

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