The Use of Cliche Phrases

I do not have a liking towards cliche phrases. In fact I can't stand them at all. Sometimes I use them without even noticing but most of the time I catch myself. "Keep your head up" or '' It is what it is'' are at the top of my Most Hated Cliche' Phrases list. I don't favor them because it seems to take the personal out. It's almost like a crutch to use to sound as though you care. I'm not saying that everyone who uses cliche' phrases don't have sincerity in their heart, but I think we use them so much there is no sincerity left in these phrases. It just becomes something proper or nice to say.
If someone tells me to have a blessed day I recieve it more as formal end to a conversation rather than me thinking that they really want me to have a blessed day. It just rolls off our tongues because we've been used to saying them so long or hearing them for so long. Now it's not like when someone uses cliche' phrases on me that I automatically think that it's artificial concern. I believe most people mean well, but that doesn't mean that there's real sincerity there. More like just being polite going through the proper formalities of communication. So I try not to use them. If I want you to have a blessed day, I'll try to say it in a more personal way than ''Have a blessed day''. Or I'd say '' I know everybody says this but...'' so that they know that I'm just not being formal but personal because people can tell if you really care or just being polite. People who pick up on cliche' phrases the most are the people who are expressing themselves looking for a response.
I guess all I'm saying is try to be more creative in communicating with people instead of using what has always been said. I know that there's nothing new under the sun and all that but I guarantee people will appreciate something different from what's always been said. The more time's you use it, the less impact it has. But that's just something that bugs me. Sort of like a pet peeve. I know I have a valid point though. But not in a ''Thou shalt not...'' type of way. lol Use cliche' phrases at your own risk.     

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I always make and hold eye contact when I mean it.

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