To My Brother In Christ

Church was a blessing today and my brother in Christ who has helped me in times of discouragement came to my mind. This is to him:
Man, I miss you in Church bra. I love meeting up with you once a week talking about the good things the Lord has done and the things that we want to do. I'm so proud of you that you take your time out each Tuesday to teach your class even through adversity and setbacks. I know you are truly a man of God. A clean vessel being used by God. During services though we've only seen each other a few times and I felt that in church was the best place to fellowship and worship. I never knew why you stopped coming and I never judged you for it. I know you had been going to that church long before me but I always wondered why you stopped. You know I don't look down on people not going to church although I do feel that they should. But you never know what deters people or what has happened in their lives for them to look at church as not a place to dwell in the presence of the Lord and worship. Though I didn't ask you a couple of weeks you told me why you hadn't been coming to church. And i honestly felt you. I honestly understood why you don't want to go. I've also been in the same position as well. You know we dont preach to each other but I want to tell you this. Come through bra. It's all between you and God. Do not allow anything or anyone to keep you from enjoying that special presence of the Lord that inhabits the praise of His people. No church has it all together but I know that a lot of those brothers need you and a whole bunch of us miss you. You're not alone. God has a remnant of believers in the church who have not bowed ourselves down to the things that are not of God. We see the madness as well man. But we gotta pray and be soldiers engaging in the spiritual warfare that we enlisted in the day we gave ourselves to the Lord. And even more importantly you want to be an example to those who the Lord has entrusted to you. It's not all about us anymore man, we're saved. It's about those who are in need of a savior. It's about those that may not know you or those that don't participate in your class. Once again bra I understand wholeheartedly the situation. I just pray that you ask God to bring you back because I know that I'm not the only one that wants to fellowship with my brother. I miss you man where it counts the most. I'll still remain who I've been towards you regardless. I just encourage you to return to church. I love you man and I appreciate the encouragement and blessing that you gave me over the years. I thank you for being transparent and real with me also. And most importantly I thank God who has done a good work in you and I know that He'll complete it. Read this and be encouraged and pass it on. Remember, it's not all about us.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Yes, there are a lot of us not in the building anymore. Good blog, encouraging.

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